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What’s your opinion on E-Learning, do you love or hate e-learning?

E-learning industry is going crazy. This is really good if a company is going for re-structuring, one of the biggest challenges for the corporates is always a learning path after reconstruction. However, there are many emerging technology which carter learning needs for an individual or a corporate. Instead of training people on groups corporates prefer online modules or courses to learn and move forward.

E-Learning is still new for many organizations, and they are still making a move to online courses. Plenty of capabilities are offered by authoring tools, but the main problem starts when you make the online course effective. That’s where this article comes in.
What’s the learner opening who takes the online course?
If you ask somebody about their feel from the course, he or she might have a mixed opinion. Some might say it as boring, but all would prefer online e learning then going to a class. The latest survey showed learner want relevant and decision making scenarios. Many a times we push out of focus information into the eLearning, which tends to lose sight. However, online courses can be more effective and not just bunch of information’s. Now how can you change that?


Likes on E-Learning:-
Many learners like to be part of an evolving technology. Peoples get motivated on the contents those are made exciting and on decisions making scenario. Learners feel engaged, especially to courses which are based upon gamification or quizzes. Most of the learners prefer virtual learning environment then classroom training. A virtual environment is created when an eLearning is accessed over a smart phone or a tablet. An ideal eLearning can a paused in middle and knowledge can be accessed till the point of learning.
Dis-Likes on E-Learning:-
Cost can be domination on eLearning implementation in an organization. As a result, contents and course materials does not commit adequate for the learners. Honestly speaking there are many open source CMS, which provide eLearning base. If earning base is not selected properly it affects the whole online course. One of the most challenging for an organization is lack of proper recourse or “Proper know how” in creating a high-level interactive online course. Open CMS like Joomla CMS can create an interactive course with the help of LMS king Professional but, again moving to Joomla CMS platform requires IT support. Well this has turned quite into a manifesto, but I can say likes and dis-likes depend on learner’s perception.


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