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Why have so many organizations chosen King Products?

King LMS was specifically designed by professionals with e-learning experience. Our developers have many years of experience which they have packaged into an all encompassing product known as the LMS King. Known for its simplicity and comprehensiveness, LMS king is the number one software product for business organizations, educational institutions and business owners who want to take their organization into greater height through e-learning. With a fully functional e-learning model that features all tools needed for anyone to succeed in the e-learning environment, you have had all you asked for. Its most useful learning tools include:

  • Advanced tracking and reporting
  • Certificate completion with full SCORN support
  • LMS user roles (for students, teacher, CEO, etc)
  • Collaboration  
  • Rapid authoring tools and affordable e-learning system
  • Flexible course management and many more.

As a teacher, you can do so many things using LMS products. You can:
*    Create discussion classes where you meet your students on an interactive basis
*    Provide multimedia rich contents to your students powered by rapid authoring tools
*    Tailor the e-learning content to the specific needs of the students by creating study sections for each learning module
Your students will be able to;
*    organize their studies in a more structured manner in order to follow the lessons as they are given
*    Connect with other students and members of their study group and share ideas together
*    See results for their test and quiz, and print out certificate upon completion of the course.

Business organizations are not left out in this all encompassing benefits of King Joomla LMS for e-learning.
Organizations that want to train their staff and get them updated on the latest business trends can do so without worrying about geographical boundaries. Those with branches in different regions of the world can get their staff trained from a remote LMS system and their staff only needs to connect to the system wherever they are.

Although there are other LMS products on the internet, none can be compared to King Products in terms of cost and simplicity.  There is no need for a well rounded knowledge in programming language to teach using learning management system. No need to worry about configuration as the set up wizard will guide you throughout the set up process. In reality, e-learning has come to stay, and it is important to work with a system that guarantees efficiency. That is what the new LMS King is all about!!


Joomla LMS
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