How Hosting Your Own LMS Can Work Wonders For Your Success?

Online education is becoming the grand step we are taking into the bright and advanced future we all want. It is not only giving the opportunity of learning to all  the willing minds from far and wide on the globe, but it’s also letting the world have an exciting chance at communal growth.

An online education service is never just a beneficial business enterprise, but a huge responsibility as well. So when you are planning your own project of online courses, it is only natural to wish for the most efficient and smoothest working portal. Cloud-based LMS is a popular means, but nothing can help you have a better online education service than hosting your LMS yourself. Here are some of the many benefits that it offers to you.

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How Can You Make The Most of The Fabulous Online Courses

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Online education is the new trend that’s spreading like wildfire in each corner of the world. It’s a wonderful step into a brighter future that’s transforming education, as we knew it. The most magical benefit of the e-courses is how wonderfully it has opened the education opportunities for all the willing minds of the world, but making the most of all the good has to offer, still depend on how well we use it. So, here are some of the ways that will help you in benefiting the best from your online learning.

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Five reasons why you should choose Joomla for your LMS


A learning management system is technological software that provides complete support for an online education platform. It is a daunting assignment to pick the right pattern due to the availability of many options and features. Although most of the software's have similar features or characteristics, utilizing it to the maximum is dependent on the requirement of the organization. The criterion includes easy navigation, user interface, the ability to handle multiple course materials, and the ability to expand/customize according to future needs. The platform selected for the online education plays a crucial role in reaping benefits and establishes a stronger rapport between the tutor and the learner.

Provided below are the important reasons to select Joomla to build the online learning management system.

  1. Powerful and trusted platform

Joomla learning management system is a powerful and trusted platform developed especially for content management system. With a reputation over the years for providing the best support and the best platform for the building content management system, relying on Joomla is an active approach towards building a successful learning management system.

  1. Scalability

Joomla being the second most popular content management system in the world gives the opportunity for the developer to find an array of functions and features at the fraction of the cost offered by expensive solutions. Joomla LMS stands atop for providing low-cost options and features regardless of the number of users. Building the e-learning website will be beneficial as it offers scalability and independence.

  1. Easy integration

Joomla LMS allows the opportunity to add any feature depending on the requirement of the e-learning website. The system accepts features built on open source code including the available 8000+ extensions in the Joomla extensions directory. The massive presence of features gives the independence and flexibility in adding characteristics or tools necessary for an organization to meet the online education/training program. There is also the possibility to seek the assistance of freelancing developers who are ready to provide the required feature for a few dollars. It is only feasible when the organization does not find the necessary function from the extension directory.

  1. Friendly support

The Joomla LMS offers extensive support to the clients. The friendly assistance and service provided eliminate the need for an organization to hire a specialist or workforce to manage and maintain the learning management system. The user-friendly support delivers all the required help in case of an emergency.

  1. Data security

It is important for an organization to protect the content uploaded to the learning management system. The Joomla learning management system is a reputed and the most secured open source content management system available in the world. Joomla applies the same security level to the learning management system to secure the confidential data.

Learning management system is a visible and efficient component for developing a successful e-learning website. Choosing the right platform is essential to create an effective environment for learners. Such a step benefits the organization in enhancing the skills of the employees and reaps benefits by improving productivity.

Five reasons why Joomla LMS is the apt platform

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The first thing that comes into mind about online education is the use of the platform. Although numerous platforms are helpful in developing a successful online education program, choosing a suitable platform is a task with stress. The reason is simple - diversified products. The massive list of products available in the market scares the managers who are responsible for building the educational platform. There is a need to select the platform meticulously. Of the many platforms available, Joomla LMS gained popularity across the industries, as it offers a unique way to develop the learning management system.

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King Products - Distance education - the advantages

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The evolution of the Internet and technology is providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to reap benefits of the online education programs. The distance education offered by universities and colleges is offering an excellent connectivity to millions of individuals across the globe. The use of the Internet allows the individuals to study around work and family commitments. It gives the opportunity to study at home, at the office, or at any other place and time that is comfortable and feasible for a learner. The learning management system is a software application that administers, hosts, delivers, tracks, and manages the entire online education program.

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