Most Effective Extensions of Kings Professional Joomla LMS

Kings professional Joomla based learning management system is at the core of any e-Learning portal. It enables easy customization of the website as per ones requirements. Management of the e-Learning portal also gets facilitated by various extensions embedded within this professional Joomla LMS.

Media Manager: With the help of the media manager extension you can rename and reorder the images and videos easily. Image mobility between different folders also gets enhanced. Simply move the images within the folders in few easy steps.

Feedback: Timely feedback is the crux of any e-Learning course. Kings Professional Joomla LMS has an extension to provide all tools to take feedback from students. Based on their suggestions you can update your course which will eventually help in increasing future enrollments.

This extension provides information about people who have given feedback, their emails, content of feedback and any uploaded files

Forum: An in-built forum extension promotes interaction among students and teachers. Learners can brainstorm, exchange ideas and have a constructive discussion. Participants can easily upload articles and images.

Teachers can also be a part of it and create threads and edit them. One can easily change the forum description as well.

The forum can be customized. You may include captcha, RSS, smiles and several other features. The forum extension allows you to control thirteen aspects of the forum by simply selecting the yes or no option as the case may be.

Profile: Kings Professional Joomla LMS has a profile extension which includes a list of profile and options to manage it. You may publish, delete or edit a profile. Profile search can be done on the basis of names.

The edit feature of profile extension permit you to change profile information like name, forms and decide whether to publish or not. The field information of profile has multiple fields, including but not limited to student id, international student and degree. With the field manager you can enable or disable them.

Translators: Students who are not familiar with the language of instruction can count on the translator. It provides support in all the popular languages. Now, language will not be a barrier anymore.

File sharing: The file sharing extension of Professional Joomla LMS allows learners and teachers to share files among themselves. You can make your file public or restrict it with access protection functionality and prohibit any unwanted access.

Messaging: A course without effective communication is not impactful. Without any interaction students struggle to learn. Keeping this in mind the developers of Professional Joomla LMS have included a messaging system within the LMS. Learners can easily exchange messages with the advanced communication tools.

Admin can set the rules for message exchange and customize the messaging functionality. You control all the features of messaging. So keep it a simple platform to exchange text or permit smiles and avatars. The choice is yours.

Chat: These days an e-Learning website is incomplete without a chat functionality. Kings Professional Joomla based LMS offers chat extensions wherein everyone can exchange their viewpoints. It can also be a virtual hangout spot for students where they can freely chit chat about whatever they feel like.

The chat feature can be accessed when online. You don’t have to download a separate software for it. It can be opened by simply clicking on the chat window from the main menu.
In total, the Kings professional Joomla LMS has all the features that make it one of the leading Joomla learning management system.

LMS King Lite Free: All You Wanted to Know

As the name suggests, this version of Joomla LMS King Lite is being offered free of cost. The reason why it is still beneficial and should be considered is it has some reflections of the paid and premium versions.

This free version of Learning Management System is compatible with Joomla 2.5 version and above, and has a specially designed dedicated eLearning portal to which, you are given free access.

Access to Downloads:

There is a Free Download Section, which is updated frequently where one can find several useful plug-INS like the recently added Jom-Social plug-in. These plugins make you feel convenient in using Kings Joomla LMS.

Access to Reports:

You have access to all reports, be it critical system, time spent and learning path reports or others like those of certificates, user and lesson and course reports. Each of them is detailed and very useful as they enable to take the learning portal to an upper level for administrators as well as students. You can easily keep a record about students enrolled, completed exams and lessons. Reports are also offered for users activity, certification statuses and exams analysis. All these kinds of analysis based reports may help to judge the overall functioning and smoothness of whole learning system.

Supported tests:

This version supports online exams, quizzes, and also presentations. As far as extensions are concerned, only Learning Module Center is accessible.

With more developments in pipeline, currently the Joomla LMS King system is able to create different  types of questions comprising of popular formats like multiple choice questions, matching, and presentation whereby you can present the info.

The best part of it is one does not need to be a computer expert. Due to its user-friendly interface, Joomla LMS King Lite is very easy to use and suits both, fresher as well as experts to develop their skills. However, the free version due to its limited access is designed and developed to cater the needs of newcomers rather than experts.

Being a free version, free support is unavailable and none of the extensions, plug-ins, and modules except LMC (Learning Module Center) integrated into Joomla LMS are available. However, one can purchase them separately.

With a number of free facilities and access, free Joomla LMS King Lite is sure to help its users to develop skills, which they can use in their relevant fields. The feature as well as the access is limited when compared to the paid ones all right.

Still, whatever is on offer is sufficient to learn the basic nuances.

Why you should choose Kings Professional Joomla LMS?

Professional Joomla LMS allows one to create a complete e-Learning platform. It is ideal for those who use a Joomla CMS. Now, you no longer have to manage separate systems for learning management. Professional Joomla LMS is a perfect combination of all functions necessary to run a smooth learning environment for administrators as well as students enrolled. It is highly recommended if you want to create a robust e-Learning portal with lots of interactive options.

Loaded with all the functionalities it enables teaching and testing through different methods. You can create multiple quizzes, presentations and exams with an ease.  Professional Joomla LMS enables hassle free management of e-Learning portal. It is a user friendly LMS equipped with powerful features and extensions necessary for administrators.


Most importantly, the Professional Joomla LMS is SCORM compatible. So, be rest assured that the transition from CMS to LMS shall be smooth. There will be no last minute glitches. The best part is that it works on Joomla version 3.1 and above.  

Course tracking

One can easily shift through courses. Professional Joomla LMS has a feature to showcase previews of study material. You can add up courses plugin/course finder module for a convenient course management experience.

Questions Module

With the help of Professional Joomla LMS you can choose from an extensive range of eighteen question formats like multiple choice questions, short answers and matching. In a nutshell it will allow you to create all the question formats that you can possibly think of.

Review tools and reports

As the course progress, you can track the number of students enrolled in the course. With time analyse the performance of students through various methods and check whether they have taken a lesson or completed an exam. On completion of the course, award certificates to successful students.


You can also embed 6 plugins within the e-Learning portal such as a Messaging or a File Sharing plug in. These plugins are a great source to increase interaction among learners. The more they share the more they learn.

The payment occurs via a secure payment gateway. Course pricing can also be modified easily. You can choose from a range of payment gateways and validate payments. Professional Joomla LMS gives a range of statistics about the users so tracking the traffic is very convenient.

Professional Joomla LMS offers a wide range of features to manage and build an e-Learning website. You can count on its functionality and be rest assured that you will be able to manage your e-Learning portal.  Its unique applications will assist you in creating interesting courses to meet the educational requirement of students round the globe.  

LMS Kings Always Been A Greatest technology


Joomla Extensions is one of the newest and greatest technologies used to create effective and efficient LMS. Many extensions are available in market like JoomlaLMS, JoomlearnLMS and ConnectLMS, out of which LMS King is the best in Joomla platform. LMS king offers cost effective learning management platform to the ownership. LMS stands as a best option in developing and blending learning communities.

King Products Performance Enhanced.

Kings products, been a pioneer in Joomla customization services and inexpensive Learning Management System (LMS). LMS king is the only Joomla extension which has received thrilling customer review ratings, has now boosted up the performance for all its new releases and easy to use interface. Only extension services know to have better support. Kings products are always committed to innovative, improvement in there services.
Kings product has added more viewing options, on front end display and one can select progress bar style that suits best. It is now fully capable of handling e-mail, chat, file sharing, feedback, profiles, translation utility, and media management services.

Why will you prefer LMS King?

E-learning tools have been in great demand since decades so it’s been too expensive for small corporate to buy them. But LMS king product has reduced the gap, now you can experience an Elite version of (LMS) free of cost before the purchase the complete version.
    • Award winning and easy to use Joomla! With wizards, improved import features, perform user profile management as well as a host of other great              features right at few clicks.
    • Flexible course management and easy to use framework.
    • Collaboration tools
    • Multiple LMS user roles (Company CEO, teacher, student etc.)
    • Completion certificates, full SCORM support
    • Enhanced reporting and tracking features
    • 18 types to questions to choose for exam papers.
    • Set up Certification Paths for your course.
    • Different payment methods like 2Checkout, PayPal, Offline bank transfer.

Create your content the way you like!
The world is your canvas; design your content as the way you like with easy interface wizard, video content and SCORM content. LMS King E-learning management system offers advanced student tracking system and easy training content management. A good LMS, e-Learning management software, online training platform requires expert advice to yield a good return on your investment.

With LMS king you can avoid large investments on building your professional e-Learning solution or learning portal with enhanced user experience and an easy learning paths. Experience the whole new world of LMS king Joomla today, no obligation on trial.



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