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Joomla is one of the open source Content Management Systems, trusted and liked by millions for blogs and website developer. Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 support is no more available from Joomla, don’t worry your website won’t stop working. But if you are still on Joomla 1.5 then it is prone to security issues and hackers, if immediate up-gradation is not taken into consideration. Whether you are using Joomla for e-Learning or Joomla e-commerce website, it is advised to upgrade it immediately to enable advance security features. Up-gradation will get you advance Admin tools and control your website easily.


Best part which is tempting is the “promise of one-click upgrade” to Joomla 2.5. Now in this article we will discuss how.

All you need is Joomla Admin Tools for up-grade.

Built in auto upgrade in Joomla 1.7 can lead to problems, if your site is hosted on cheaper host providers. The servers provided by the host may not have the capabilities to run your site with new updates. As a result your site can run into many problems due to your host server. The solution to this problem is pretty easy. If you have installed latest “bij Akeeba” in your website admin area, you simple upgrade your site to latest version of Joomla! 2.5 With just few clicks.

How to up-grade your Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 website easily

1. Always remember to back-up your site first, before you run update and upgrades. If something goes wrong you will have option to restore the previous settings from the backup.

2. Be sure your site is equipped with latest version of Admin tools.

3. Open the “Akeeba” admin tools and it would have already prompted for the latest version of “Joomla” just click the button and follow the instructions precisely.

4. Admin tools are designed will all possible exceptions, so don’t worry 99% of the upgrades are successful. Again upgrades strictly depend upon your host capabilities.  Before going for up-grades do check the upgrade requirements form the and cross check with your host provider. The main aim is to be safe than sorry.

When the upgrades are done you can enjoy the new world of possibilities called “Joomla”. Up-grades are important irrespective of the website you are running, if you are an e-learning website, you might require to add videos or other eLearning tools like “LMS kings professional”. So up-garde today and unlock your world.


The Future of eLearning in Joomla CMS


The easy integration between content management system and learning management system is the reason of Joomla CMS popularity. Regardless of the business activity it is convenient to have an eLearning system for your organisation. Everything is centralised and you need not have to be an expert in managing your LMS. Most of the extensions are offered free of cost and can be easily integrated with the LMS. Moreover enhanced CMS features enable bended eLearning by collaborating socially makes learning interactive.

These days there is lot of debate on interactivity of an e-learning course. Some people say it is worth less to have an eLearning, if it is not high-level interactive. “Click and read” eLearning becomes boring for them and as a result eLearning fails. Joomla CMS does not have any predefined learning management system built-in, so you would always need a third party software to make your Joomla E-Learning functional. There are plenty of software’s available in the market, but it is all about the full integration and compatibility. Now the question arises, on the specific LMS requirements. Is the extension capable of handling your requirements?
The Answer is “Yes” if it is LMS king professional, powered by Joomla. It is designed to meet the specific requirement of corporate and educational institutions. That’s why more and more companies are moving towards LMS king professional as an e-learning partner. It contains all the components of an ideal e-learning extension.
1. Easy Control both Couse designer and Learners – Not all LMS extension provides you easy Admin interference and flexibility, starting from the course layout to visual components, creativity freedom, it is just like all item packed in a magic box. Moreover you can determine the course level, payment methods at best suits your needs.

2. Define Roles and Responsibilities and manage stuffs on the move – You can easily set access with regards to roles and responsibilities. You can easily check user activity progress, time spent on the move. Question analysis feature acts as an add-on to the e-learning course.

3. Blended Learning – An ability to go social with modern scenario based questions.

4. Reduce Course Delivery cost- You can enrol employee immediately to the eLearning course and get him/her trained without any extra cost or time and you can get more return on your training investments.
The most important benefit of choosing LMS King Professional is the clients support and after sale service, to keep your e-learning running they work while you sleep.


Joomla LMS security and easy solutions


Joomla is known for its open source content management system, it is fast growing especially in the fields of e-learning. More and more companies are now choosing Joomla for their training needs. But, E-Learning in corporate world contains sensitive information’s that the corporate would like keep safe from the rest of the world. Today’s article is focused on “what are the main issues which corporate LMS may face, and how to overcome them?” Imagine if your LMS system are based on public libraries, containing all employee data’s. People can easily access and sneak inside your libraries and access e-learning data’s.
Organisation spends a lot in order to fight from cyber threat and finding different solutions to stop them. To stop threats, companies need to understand and analyse the vulnerabilities of the current system, so let’s start exploring some of the vital nerves of the learning module that can raise a security risk.

E-Learning security measures:

1) Login Credentials – At certain point when visitors want to access certain content, he/she need to logon to your portal, make sure it is nearly impossible to know your access point details. Hackers gaining access point details can easily sneak in and modify details.

2) Email verification – Access to the e-learning is the first step, you should make sure that legitimate learners are only given access to the e-Learning. In other words you should know to whom you are providing access. If possible enable two way authentications to check the email and correct details.

3) Role Segmentation – It is important that different roles should have access, like learners should have access to modules that he/she should be, Teachers should have access to all modules so that they make changes, developer should have access to the backend. All you need to make is right credential for right access of data in a management hierarchy.

4) Data Base attack – Encryption can be one of the successful mechanisms to protect you from data base attack. Moreover it protects data transmission over the internet by make files nearly un-readable for the hackers. An ideal encryption process locks the plain text with encryption key and protects you from SQL injection and other hacking tricks.

Learning management system like LMS king professional has identifies these kinds of security threats so your eLearning does not compromised due security issues. You can easily segregate different roles and provide them access simultaneously. I hope this blogs would have surely helped you to understand the security issues and how to deal with them.


Joomla E-Learning Security Measures


Joomla Hackers

Joomla has grown its popularity recently due its CMS and availability of free extensions, which can help you to do almost everything with the CMS. So due to its popularity, it’s no wonder that hackers continue to find innovative ideas to get access to your website. Joomla Learning module service is centered e-Learning software. Joomla programmers and thinkers have put lot of efforts to check the security vulnerabilities to make a successful and secure open source CMS system. But it is always important to put additional measures to secure your e-Learning website.
Data security is very important nowadays. Millions of websites are been hacked each day and been blacklisted, losing reputation and search engine rankings. In additions to these, it can cause financial losses too. That’s the reason security measures has been so important in Joomla world. Keeping that in mind, here are the preventive ways strengthening the Joomla website security.

How can you protect your Joomla Website?

1. Consider on Servers and Hosting – Hosting and Server selection is one of the most crucial decisions to be made. Shared servers can have open ports, which can an easily be hacked from another site of shared servers. For better security always host your Joomla site on servers which runs on PHP 5.2 and more and ensure that runs latest Apache version.

2. Enable and disable htaccess file – To enable an additional layer of security, always remember to rename your “htaccess.txt” and place it in root folder with re-write rules to check exploits.

3. Users and Permissions – After installation of Joomla, default administrator user name is “admin”. Always remember to change the same and make it difficult for hackers to guess the admin user name. Joomla woks perfectly if configuration is done properly in the webserver ensure that nothing is set to 777 in configuration.php.

4. Back-up your website – Always consider for “back-up”, so if you fall victim or your site is hacked. There is a chance of restoring everything with the help of back-ups which you have created earlier. Moreover “back-up” helps to restore without significant data loss.

5. Update – Latest and stable version of Joomla, not only help to fix the bugs. But also fix security vulnerabilities and protect your website from hackers. Always consider updating your Joomla website with latest security and patches.

The above mentioned tips will surely help you to secure your website from hackers and secure you from unforeseen circumstances and financial losses.


How to engage learners to your Joomla e-learning course?

Joomla E-learning” owners constantly search for different ways to keep learners engaged. Participating and dropping of students from the e-learning are both sides of a coin. A 10% plus minus is always rational but if it is more, than it is alarming. There are certain things which should be kept in mind while designing an e-learning course.
Engaging learners to the e-learning is something beyond having an interactive content; it is all about designing a truly motivating content. It is really appreciated to have learners emotional connected to the contents. Well, there are certain tips to keep e-learners engage to the course, that where we are on today’s article.
1. First Start with the content : - Content material are the main center of attraction of your e-learners, in other words you can say that it is your “alpha & omega”. It has to good enough to keep learners engaged. It is always good to have engaging contents, gamification, social media integration is always a good start.

2. Spice it up with Flavors : - Black and white a figure, lots of text does not work anymore in today’s world. You need to add relevant colorful images to your content, which would draw visual attention to the topic. Adding a YouTube video or an audio file with fine tone of explanation is always a great idea. But while adding these, always keep student goal in mind. Knowing the goals will help you choose the correct infographics or an audio file matching a real like situation, which is always effective in learner’s engagement.

3. Narrate as small story with a scenario :- when contents are narrated via stories, it stimulates brain and creates an emotional impact. The listeners feel to be the part of the story which ultimately helps them to remember the contents. Telling a story based on real line experience can create a great impact, students might forget the lessons but they might remember some part of your stories.

4. Maintain correct pace : - Don’t adhere to the pre-determine course schedule, going very fast can leave the students confused and going slow will bore them. Always try to fit your training calendar somewhere between slow and fast. Maintaining a correct pace and adding Quizzes to the LMS will help in rapid absorption of e-learning course. Finally making teaching and learning a fun.

I am sure that, the above tips would definitely be handy for you to keep your e-learners engaged.



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