How to Make it easy for your employees to learn LMS

How to Make it easy for your employees to learn LMS
Proper Learning Management System (LMS) implementation can have a wide range of benefits for a business including increased profitability, higher productivity and increased turnover. Most business owners however, find it very difficult to get their employees to know Joomla LMS efficiently and effectively. They don’t know how to conduct effective training quickly while aiming for the best possible outcome for the company. If you struggle with this issue, here are a few ideas that can help.

Don’t Rely too much on Documentation
Studies have shown that the amount of information in whatever form produced in one month is more than the entire human population can consume in their lifetime. The availability of too much information means that there is selective information absorption; people only pick and choose what they feel comfortable they can learn or what they want to learn. Therefore, it might be a good idea to avoid providing employees with too many documents to study and try to use other training techniques that are easy to absorb such as webinars.

Don’t allow for self-training
Avoid providing the employees with software without proper explanation and then expecting them to learn by themselves. Sure, some of them will learn but self-training is an approach that can often be irresponsible. Most of them may only decide to learn what serves them or what they can learn without putting in too much effort. In the long run, this may greatly affect your business’ productivity and hence it’s profitability.

Assess how much they learn
Assessing the learning progress allows you to not only design better learning modules based on the problem areas you find but also gives you a clear indication of where the learning process is at. You can then adjust accordingly as per the various problem areas you find.

Effectively Organizing e-Learning Content

Effectively Organizing e-Learning Content
Many content developers are facing the ever growing problem of expanding their learning materials base while at the same time keeping all the information current and relevant. It is not disputed that courses are becoming more complex and the content in these courses is becoming more informative. The problem that many businesses face is in organizing this content in way that doesn’t contribute to the problem of over management of information. LMS can help you better organize the materials and manage an unlimited number of course materials. This is an invaluable service that most business could use.  Here’s how to do this effectively.

Start with Categories
Any good LMS platform will allow you to first and foremost group your courses into categories. Categories allow you to group the courses based on similar characteristics or subject area. Not only does this kind of grouping make it very easy for you to update information but also makes it very easy for your students to find what they are looking for. 

Content Organization within the courses
A good LMS platform will also make it very easy for you to organize the content within the categories themselves. You need to make it very easy for your students to find the courses without much difficulty.  You should also be able to organize the course materials based on their complexity and the LMS platform should allow you to do this easily enough that your students can find them
How your content is organized will make all the difference in how your students are able to learn from your courses. If it is too hard to find what they are looking for, they will most likely find your course unsatisfactory. A well organized course will ensure that learning efficient and easy which means more business for you and satisfaction for your students.

King Products Announces Latest Version of Learning Management System King Professional

King Products, a leading provider of learning management systems (LMS) run on Joomla!, recently announced the release of their latest version of LMS King Professional within the Joomla! updater.

This latest version of their best-selling LMS software Version 3.2.21 of LMS King Professional is being offered at a special low price to celebrate the occasion.

King Products was established by CEO Robert Joyce to meet the growing demand for effective and efficient management and storage of data in the business learning environment.

Joyce, who started his programming career over 20 years ago has had extensive experience in the development of software, having worked for a number of software companies including iJoomla and CNP Integrations.

He quoted,’ over the years we’ve been working hard on making LMS King Professional a robust tool that clients can gain great value from. In the latest version we have added Joomla! updater support, but it’s only the latest version in a long journey of creating what we feel fills the gap that other learning management systems are not filling for clients.’

King Products offers a range of data management and manipulation products for the learning environment that are ideal for learning organisations who prefer to keep their eye on the bottom line. Businesses can start out with a cost conscious starter package, and advance at a pace that suits the size and complexity of their learning establishments and their students.

The LMS software captures the achievements of students and makes it possible to produce reports in addition to the tracking and monitoring of all learning. Customer support for clients is considered something that is above what would be typically offered by competitors in addition to the product being easy to use and valuable to the organisation.

King Products also offers other technical information technology solutions in the form of customisation, web optimisation and web design services in addition to PHP development and a Joomla! support service.

E-learning by the Numbers: LMS King provides an overview, now and in the future, of e-learning globally

LMS King, one of the world’s premier Learning Management System design companies has released their analysis of e-learning by the numbers globally:

  • Corporate training is a $300 billion industry annually – Not only is e-learning a powerful tool for traditional education, but it has improved corporate training and is responsible for increasing profits in business.
  • The fastest growing e-learning market is Asia-Pacific – Despite the fact that 70% of all e-learning is still in Europe and North America, the Asian Pacific region is growing at a rate of 20% annually.
  • Approximately 18 million college students take classes online – For many colleges and universities, they use a blended education system that uses in classroom, as well as online learning for a complete training system for their students.
  • E-learning can save billions in education, both in traditional education and in corporate training – The ability of e-learning to reduce training costs and education expenses is profound. From salaries to travel to the maintenance of school buildings, e-learning can potentially save billions in expenses.
  • Global education is affordable with e-learning – Many areas in the world that have not traditionally been served with education services might be able to teach students inexpensively.

“The importance of e-learning globally can’t be underestimated,” Robert Joyce, founder and CEO of King Products, said. “Around the world, online learning is changing education and corporate training programs, making it easier and less expensive for people to receive great educations.

“Each year, more and more people learn the things they need to know from the comfort of their own homes or an office at work. The days of needing to put together expensive seminars, conferences or having to fly hundreds of people around the world are gone,” Joyce said.

With Self-Paced E-learning alone expected to reach revenues of $51 billion by 2016, the continued growth of e-learning is huge and the need for effective and up-to-date learning management systems is imperative.

King Products, as a leading designers of LMS systems, continues to grow and improve their software to meet the needs of their customers. Adding additional functionalities, providing free plugins and components, and offering multiple levels of their LMS allows King Products to meet the needs of every one of their clients. Paired with a great customer-centric philosophy, King Products is a leader in making e-learning a growth industry.

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected].

LMS King Offers a Number of Free Extensions for Their Learning Management System

LMS King, the premier Learning Management System, offers a number of important and useful Joomla extensions for their LMS for free.

“Unlike many LMS design companies, we feel that we need to offer as many extensions to our customers as possible for free. The more useful the software is, the more effective it will be. That is why we designed the software in the first place.” – Robert Joyce, CEO, LMS King

LMS King offer the following extensions free to their Joomla LMS users:

  • Chat King Component– A jQuery based chat component
  • LMS King Products Update Alert Plugin – Notifies users when updates are available and makes installation of the updates easier
  • LMS King Product Sync Plugin -This plugin allows you to sync your eShop with our LMS component. The plugin contains 3 methods:
  1. onAddCP - Called by the LMS when adding a certification path
  2. onUpdateCP - Called by the LMS when editing a certification path
  3. getCPData - CAN be called by your eShop to update the LMS subscription status
  • LMS King AlphaUserPoints Plugin – This is a plugin that will award points to users Alpha User Points account based on their actions.
  • JomSocial Plugin – Awards points to users JomSocial account based on LMS King activity
  • EasySocial Plugins – Plugins for LMS Professional for My Certification Paths, My Messages and many more

“One of the most annoying things that happens to people that purchase other Learning Management Systems: they are often left on their own,” Robert Joyce, CEO, said. “At King Products, we offer more than just an amazing product, we offer a great user experience. Customer support is always available and responsive. We even offer a Creation Wizard that walks user through the course creation process.

“The goal at King Products, of the free plugins and lots of other services, is to make this the very best Learning Management System available on the market. We are also committed to keeping the expense of the software as low as possible so that as many people as possible can use it,” Joyce said.

The free plugins are available directly from the King Products website, New plugins are added frequently.

“There is no reason that a King Product’s customer should ever struggle to find the functionalities that they are looking for,” Joyce said. “We strive to make every possible asset available at all times.”

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce via email at [email protected].


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