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Have you opted for online learning system? If you take a deep look at the statistics, you will find that a larger part of the education system is seeing a new shift. There are more and more people who are choosing to opt for distant learning courses because of the various perks which it has to offer.

One of the best reason as to why distant learning has seen such a huge spurt in popularity has to be the fact that it allows education to reach to the masses. There are still a lot of areas where you cannot find good schools. Not only this, the cost of education is too high which makes it unaffordable for many.Online Learning Wordle bc1

Owing to these cases, the growth in popularity of online learning system has been extremely high. So, if you are looking for a smart way of investment, choosing to build a Joomla LMS might be a smart thing to do.

Choose a theme

When you are looking to design a Joomla LMS program for the masses, the very first thing which you need to do is come up with a theme. An online learning program could be based on so many themes. It is extremely important to be sure that you are exploring the theme upon which you want to base your own system.

Sometimes, you can have portal which offers lessons on various themes. So, you should first of all have a clear vision regarding which segment of students you are targeting and then you can build upon the same.

Market your portal

There are a lot of different online learning systems which you can find in the market. So, you will have to find what sets your program apart from others? You need to be sure that you are aware of the thing that gives your marketing strategies an upper edge. You have to find out the best ways of marketing and then you need to spread the word. How will your online portal ever be successful when learners are not even aware of its existence? So, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort for the sake of marketing your portal in an apt manner.

the benefits of online learningMarketing is a very diverse field and there are too many things you need to know and be familiar with. So, the idea is to ensure that you come up with the right kind of marketing strategies. Try and educate the masses about how they can benefit from your program and soon, you will find the LMS gaining popularity.

You need to have the right mission and vision because it is these statements which give you the inspiration to keep going forward. The more you learn, the better it is. So, set a goal for yourself and then put in your best efforts for the sake of achieving the same. With the right use of Joomla LMS, you can make your dream of building a perfect program true!

Success Strategy For Online Education Courses


Success Strategy For Online Education Courseseducation-header

Millions of students enroll in online education every year and various distance learning programs. The amazing response of online students inspired colleges like MIT to launch online college and is the backbone of the MOOCs. However, the total number of students who successfully complete their online education is just a fraction of the students who enroll in them.

The genuine satisfaction of an educator and to be really successful in your online education business, it is important that you help your online students finish their education.

Kings-Joomla LMS Insight: “Instead of pulling students to finish online courses, make your online education addictive. Make students come and bring in their friends along.”


In the meanwhile, here is the Success Strategy For Online Education Courses


1.     Welcome them personally: Well beginning is half done – right? Well then, welcome them to the online course with enthusiasm. If possible, do it in person else, at least make an orientation video that provides a clear strategy to sail through the course successfully. Ensure that you provide

  • Tour of the course
  • Tour of the technology
  • Specific features that help them
  • Procedures that must be complied with
  • Ample of resources to help them

right in the “welcome document” which they must be asked to bookmark.

2.     Give them a platform to bond and communicate. Encourage topics that must be researched. If possible, divided them in groups or communities. Give them individual challenges as well as group challenges to throw in some competition. Do give them pace and time for self-study.

3.    Help online students cultivate the time-management routine.people-circle

4.   Provide your online students writing assistance. If possible, help them by checking the draft before grading the assignments. Help them with writing tools; a simple tutorial can be good enough. Since the online students are from everywhere, they might not all be so good at English.

5.   Send reminders and help them stick to the schedule of the course. Be a positive motivator and do not discourage the students who wander away.

stick-figure6.   Technology is an important aspect of online education. Most students take online courses to learn about tools and technology that can help them get ahead in their career. This is a sure positive motivator.

7.     Help them develop rubrics.

8.     Give them time to come to you for help. Organize doubt and problem solving sessions. That is a great plus; otherwise, there are videos on YouTube too.dotcom

9.    Apart from the Learning management system, get them to come up with their own blogs. Encourage the groups to comment on others’ blogs and embed in all in the assignments. A flourishing blog is a positive motivator.

10.  Track their progress via your LMS and keep them personally updated about their place in the competition. Encourage them to improve their scores, just one-step at a time.


11.  Celebrate the spirit of online education and help them cultivate the spirit of online education as well.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your students sore. Help them remain on track and finish their learning. Participate in the community and take tips from what your online students as well as other online educators feel.


The Online Education Trends for 2015


The Online Education Trends for 2015

The US and the UK governments have formulated and are vigorously implementing the laws to embed technology with education and infuse online education in K12 curriculum. Neither elementary nor higher education sectors have remained unaffected by the impact of the online education and online courses.

IT has “Information” as its primary objective followed by the “Technology.” “Information” also happens to be the primary source of education and the first resort of power. With the competition going global, all industries, especially education are transforming at an alarming speed. The online courses and online classes have brought in a lot of relief to the home school students.

If you believe that online education is limited to online schools and online college education, you must refresh your facts


Are you amazed by these facts? Let us proceed further and explore what are the major trends that are driving the online education in 2015


1.    The Smartphones:Not just online school and online college education have gone mobile but the schools are even getting ready for high end ‘Bring your own device” combinations. Well, not limitedto schooleducation, Smartphones are for everyone. Thus, you (as an online course creator) must ensure that your learning is responsive and Smartphone compliant.

2.    Result oriented education:One of the main drawbacks of crafting online education from scratch is that focus shifts from result oriented education to the course content and ease of delivery. Choose your learning management system wisely. A learning management system will not only help you achieve result oriented online education, but also will maintain records for future reference. Embed spontaneous questions, quiz and activities with real life synchronization to keep your students interested as you make them learned and not just educated.

3.    Content Engagement:Everyone is offering education can you offer something better? The fact is that most people irrespective of the students or the employees are there to educate themselves so that they can get a job or get a promotion. When you create your online education, define the sole motto of your online course as “learning” and not educating. The content and engagement must be able to provide the learner an amazing learning experience via content that engages.

4.    Visual effects: Make sure that there are ample of videos. Visual effects and videos that mingle the real life examples, is the need of the hour. In 2015 and in future, the videos that engage and explain will survive the race and rise to the top.

5.    Be precise:Do not unnecessarily keep repeating the same explanation again and again. Be precise and concise. Let the learning last for 5 minutes, but those five minutes must be pure education. Summarize your learning, always.

Most organizations do not stop after creating just one online education course with LMS Kings Joomla LMS. It is the value for money deal and is the future. The trends are yet evolving and we hope to see you aboard. Do not wait too long and do not miss the bus!


How To Market Your Online Course And Education Skills?

How To Market Your Online Course And Education Skills?

Being an educator requires an individual to be a passionate learning and remain evolving. To educate the students, educators remain on toes and keep evolving, always. However, not all teachers get the desired recognition. To add to their worries, the teachers all across the globe are paid far to less as compared to any other profession that requires a similar skill set. Those are some harsh facts.

With the online education revolution, if you as an educator have a dream to be recognized as a professor at Yale, Harvard, Oxford, MIT or Cambridge, you might be dreaming a bit too small. Why not be a global educator? Why limit your potential? Why educate students at just one faculty, when you can educate students from all over the world? This is where King Products Joomla LMS comes in.

Here are a few facts about online education, online college education and online classes/specialties preferred by students. These can help you judge the best


Chart 1 Source and Copyrights @ Eduventures


Chart 2 Undergraduate Fields of Study Copyrights @ LearningHouse and EducationDynamics


Chart 3 Graduate Fields of Study Copyrights @ LearningHouse and EducationDynamics

How to share your knowledge via online courses?

With success of MOOCs sharing your knowledge via online courses has become a lot more easier. You can choose to be an educator or be of assistance to someone else who wants to provide online education. Some other roles that you can take up on, apart from being online educator are

  • A Market Researcher and Report writer
  • An e-learning blogger,
  • A storyboard artist or an instructional designer, or as
  • A project manager.

However, you will need to be thorough in your skills. Moreover, it is essential that you are aware of the various aspects and functions of the learning management systems.

If you decide to design an online course that would like to market, then the a few simple options are

  • Sell Your Own Online Courses
  • Use a Third-Party Online Learning Platform
  • Teach the Teachers

Sell Your Own Online Courses

Register a domain and Install an LMS (Learning Management System) on your domain. Though you will have to undertake all entrepreneurial skills and role, you will be the sole beneficiary as well. If you use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, you can save a lot of trouble. These are some of the best CMS and most of the integration can be achieved with a little effort. Furthermore, there are specific LMS for these platforms such as LMS King for Joomla! that reduce your effort to minimal.

It is advisable to select the LMS as per your platform. Read: How to pick a perfect LMS for to design an online education course? Or Get in touch with us for guided assistance.

Apart from selling your own course online, you can invite other teachers and online education professionals to sell their online courses on your platforms.

Selling Online Courses on Third Party Sites

Many distance education and online universities offer distance learning courses and online degree programs. You can market your online course through these online universities.

A few platforms such as

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • eLearning Marketplace
  • Lynda

offer a ready platform for the launch of the online courses though you do have to split your profits with the parent platform.


Teach the Teachers

Since educators are always in need of more and better resources, you can create online courses and online education material and sell to the other educators on platforms such as Share My Lesson or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Conclusion: There are very many options to choose from. Pick the options that suit you the most and make the most of your talent and knowledge. Do not remain limited, the world of opportunities for online education awaits you.


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