The Four Versions of the King Joomla LMS Explained.

For those who are not familiar with the functionality of learning management system, an LMS is software used by educators and trainers to create an e-learning platform in order to teach or train their subjects. With the ever increasing demands of online education, the LMS has also increased in popularity.  There are different types of learning management systems on offer in the market today. But a lot of them are lacking in one way or the other. However, the introduction of the King Joomla eLearning LMS has enhanced the capabilities of the e-learning environment.  Users can now create highly productive online learning portals without worrying about technical ability. The software is compatible with the Joomla LMS. This entails that users will have the best experience when it comes to installation and maintenance.  So, no matter your level of knowledge in LMS products, the user friendly interface of King Joomla LMS will get you started.

Apart from that, we have followed up our excellent product with an outstanding system support that provides technical support and guides you wherever you need assistance. Kings Joomla eLearning LMS is also quite affordable. When you look at the features that are being offered , you will understand why the product is everyone’s choice of e-learning software.
We have four versions of our Kings product available; The Lite version, Basic version, Intermediate version, and Professional Version.

King LMS Lite: This was introduced recently to give users the option of trying our products before ordering the paid version. Although many features are lacking in this version, you will get a little feel of what is being offered in other paid versions.

King LMS Basic: The basic version contains some features and none of our extensions. The basic features like exams, quiz, and some question formats are provided here. It is most ideal for people with little experience who wants to begin with a simple version before graduating to other versions with more features.

King LMS Intermediate: This contains more features than the basic version. All features in the basic version are contained here plus some of our extensions.
King LMS Professional: This is the most advanced version of our product.  It contains all the features and extensions (including survey, presentation, and SCORM). It contains all the modules and components. The professional version is ideal for a more complex e-learning portal. 

Understanding the Outstanding products of King Joomla LMS

The Kings Product has four versions of LMS on offer. There is the Lite version, the Basic version, the Intermediate version, and the Professional version. All products are integrated into the E-learning Joomla component. This is to ensure a user friendly interface easily maintained by both the technically savvy user and the non-technical user.
As a result of popular demand, we have decided to introduce the Lite version to give users the rare option of trying out our product before ordering any of the other versions.  The lite version does not contain any of our components but it has other basic features like some question formats, quiz, and exam sections. We introduced this version because we know you will be well convinced to get our paid versions when you have seen the endless possibilities of the features of our LMS product.

The Basic Version: The King LMS basic is meant for those who want a very simple portal with minimal features. It is quite cheap and can be used as a stepping stone towards an upgrade to the intermediate and professional versions.  The King LMS basic contains more features than the Lite version, although it doesn’t come with any of our extensions. It is intended for beginners who want to start with something simple and proceed to other higher versions as they grow their e-learning environment.

King LMS Intermediate: This contains more features than the Lite and basic versions. With the intermediate version, you can create charts, conduct surveys, design questions in different formats (multiple choice, True/False, Drop Down list, etc), conduct virtual classes, and allow students print out certificates.  The intermediate version is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users who want to develop an outstanding e-learning portal to stay ahead of competition in the e-learning environment.

King LMS Professional:  This is our most advanced learning management system. With the professional version, you can do several things such as creating a wide range of question formats, creating charts, quizzes, setting exams, doing presentations, surveys, SCORM, and providing an exceptional virtual learning class.

The professional version has all you need to setup and run a world class learning portal. It comes with all our extensions and tools to help you succeed in the e-learning environment.  The product is ideal for experienced or technically competent teachers, educators, or subject matter experts who want to take their online teaching to the next level.

What are those features that set King Joomla LMS apart from other products?

For those looking to create a profitable e-learning portal with great features and capabilities, the King Joomla LMS has been introduced to fill this need. It is a product of extensive research by seasoned programmers. With Kings Joomla LMS, teachers, administrators, schools, and even business organizations can create an online learning platform for their students and employees. Students can be taught via an online interface powered by the Kings LMS software.  Schools can also benefit from e-learning by offering online programs to those who are too far away to attend the normal classroom program.  E-learning has been simplified with the introduction of the Kings Joomla LMS.
What are the benefits of the product that makes it stand apart from its peers?

King Joomla LMS is user-friendly
Our products are integrated into the learning Joomla LMS software, making it simple to use and manage. The Joomla is an open source interface that allows users easily edit and take control of their system. No matter your level of technical competence, you won’t find any difficulty when it comes to setting up your system or managing it.

A world Class Support Team
Even if our products can be installed with ease, we do not just let you hanging to figure out everything by yourself. At Kings Products, our team of experienced experts ensures that we are always there when you need us for assistance in maintaining your eLearning portal.

Reasonably Priced
Despite the unbelievable benefits of King LMS, we made sure that you are not paying way too much money to have our product. We took our time to design a product that will not be too expensive for you to adopt. You can’t see any other LMS product in the market that offers so much and at the same time offered as cheap as King LMS. The benefit of King Joomla LMS is worth twice its price.

Rich Features 
The features of this product are the reasons why it has received so many accolades by users over the years.  With a wide range of extensions and lots of tools to choose from, there is no reason not to succeed in the e-learning environment. Some of the features include 18 different question types, Quiz and exam section, survey section, presentation section enabled by multimedia, SCORM, and lots more. With these features, you have the entire arsenal you need to develop a truly dependable and high performing e-learning portal.

Who can use the King Joomla LMS software?

King products are designed to assist teachers, educational institutions, corporations, organizations, and subject experts who want to build an e-learning portal to train and educate their subjects.

To the teacher, King LMS Joomla eLearning can provide the needed system that helps the teacher to interact online effectively with students. So many teachers have found a career path in the e-learning environment. Gone are those days where learning is restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Teachers can take advantage of the benefits that products such as King Joomla LMS provide and turn their knowledge into dollars. With an e-portal a teacher can be able to reach more students since they are not limited by geographical location or language barrier. 

There are so many things a teacher can do with the King LMS Joomla eLearning software. There are provisions for quiz, exam questions, virtual classroom interaction, marking of students’ reports, and lots more.  There are some assignments and tests that can be carried out online instead of the previously cumbersome method of submitted sheets by the students. The teacher can do so many things with the King Joomla LMS.

How about corporate organizations?
In the business world, competition is fierce and only those that are well prepared can stay ahead of competition. The very best way to get ahead is to regularly conduct training for your staff. As a business organization with several branches scattered across several states and regions of the world, getting these employees properly trained in a physical environment will cut deep into operational cost because of travelling expenses and other accompanying expenses.  But with great software like the King Joomla eLearning LMS, corporations can get their staff trained while they are seated in the comfort of their homes. There is no need to make travel arrangements or perform other activities that bother on the company’s total costs.  Organizations can take advantage of this product by presenting seminars, conducting surveys, and organizing a virtual learning environment for employees that need training.  All these can be possible with our powerful and dependable learning management system. It also has an easy to use interface, powered by Joomla LMS.
Moreover, King LMS is very efficient and does more than what it says it does. With its affordable price, user friendly interface, dependability, and various features, there is no doubt that you have the best possible bargain in the e-learning software industry.

Why do corporate organizations need King LMS?

Corporate organizations need quality human resources to flourish.  Without the right employees, an organization will become a matchbox without its matchsticks. In fact, the level of human resource and experience of the employees determines the efficiency and profitability of any organization. This is why training and development of the staff and employees is very essential. Apart from the initial training and education received by this group of people before they got employed, they need regular trainings to adapt to the changing needs of the business environment. Without trainings and constant updates, workers in an organization will remain redundant and oblivious of the current trends in the business circle. There are different types of trainings offered by business organizations. Most particularly, the online training environment has numerous advantages compared to the conventional brick wall training environment. And the most vital product that makes this possible is the learning management system. With this software, all your training needs for your employees will be met. Our King LMS E-learning Joomla has been tested and proven to be the most reliable e-learning portal available in the market today. We have spent several years developing this product to provide that missing link lacking in so many other LMS products.  Some of the benefits of the Kings LMS include affordability, a world class system support, efficiency, and user-friendliness. This is a whole lot of benefit you can’t afford to ignore.

Why did we make it affordable?

We understand that finance is what can hinder a lot of people from obtaining an excellent product that will help them in their area of business. Words like, “We can’t afford it, its too costly”, “why are they offering it at such an exorbitant rate?”, and “Gosh, this product is too expensive” are the usual exclamations when people are offered overly too expensive products. Our severe research into the e-learning market has enabled us develop a software that is very affordable and more than serves its purpose.

We have all the components and features that will enable you give your employees the proper training they need.  They need to be regularly updated on the latest trends in your line of business. This will help them perform their duties exceptionally well thereby making your business more profitable. King LMS E-learning Joomla products are available in three paid versions: the basic version, intermediate version, and the professional version (for a more robust learning management system).


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