Ensuring the optimal performance of your e-learning portal with King Joomla LMS

King Joomla LMS is unarguably one of the best products on offer in the e-learning environment. There are reasons why the product has been trusted by many business organizations, schools, and subject matter experts. One of such reasons is its liability when it comes to creating a professional portal for online learning.  Apart from its liability, the product is user friendly and can be easily maintained by even a non technical person. You don’t have to be a guru or a skilled technician in programming before you can be able to use this product. We have done all the home work for you as King LMS is compatible with the E learning Joomla component, making it easy for users to edit their portals and perform maintenance routine whenever they want.  Indeed, our highly performing product has received several awards since its launch. The good news is that we are not stopping here as our experienced team of developers are working seriously to even improve on this already excellent product.

Our support team is also superb. We are not going to let you do all the things alone, unlike some other LMS products that are sold to you and you are left to take care of all the setup and maintenance without support. We are here to guide you all the way from the installation process to the configuration and maintenance of our system. Although our products can be installed with ease without supervisions, we are always available to help you in any area you may need our help.

Our products are also very affordable. You are not going to see a similar product in the market with all these capabilities offered as cheap as we are offering ours. This is where we stand tall and offer competitive edge over other e-learning products.  We have done our home work well and come up with a superb product that is quite affordable and delivers what it promises.

King Joomla LMS has all the features that can enable anyone design a world class e-learning portal. There are so many tools and a wide range of extensions to equip your online learning portal. Features such as surveys, 18 different question formats, multi-media support for virtual interactive classes, quiz section, and certificate printing sections are available in the software.  If you are still not sure whether our product will actually give you what you need, we have a free trial version for you. We believe that a free trial of our product will absolutely convince you.

How can subject matter experts turn their knowledge into dollars with the King Joomla LMS?

The King Joomla LMS is a software product that assists educators and administrators create an e-learning portal for teaching or training the students online. It is a product that has several features which can help anyone who wants to teach online succeed.  Subject matter experts who want to seize the opportunity that the internet provides can create a profitable online business with the King LMS product.   If you have skills and experience in a particular field, you can make money out of your knowledge by developing an e-learning portal where prospective students can get registered and take lessons from the portal.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to excel in this area. The basic ingredient is your knowledge as well as the software that will put everything together for you. Our King Joomla LMS comes with features such as charts, multi-media features, question sections, quiz and exam section, tailor made virtual learning classroom for taking lessons and interacting with students, a section for printing certificates, and lots more.  Everything is provided for you to help you succeed in the e-learning environment.

Are there other LMS products in the market for the same purpose?
Yes, there are several other LMS products in the market that promise to provide all these features. The problem with most of these products (as our research has yielded) is their complex nature, high cost, and inefficiency.

Some can be efficient but too expensive or too difficult to grasp by the normal guy without any technical knowledge. If you don’t know how the stuff works, you are practically left on your own. But The King LMS is user-friendly. We have integrated it with e-learning Joomla Component (an open source software) to make it very easy for you to maintain and run.
Even with our user-friendly LMS, we have gone a step ahead to provide a world class support team to help you navigate through the setup and maintenance process.

If you are looking to create the perfect e-learning system to help you stay ahead of competition, then you should go for the best learning management system in the market. Our King Joomla LMS has done exceptionally well for our customers and users scattered all over the world. With King LMS, you can begin your e-learning business on a very high note knowing that all have been set for you to excel in the e-learning environment.

How can teachers benefit from the King Joomla Learning management system?

Thanks to learning management systems, teachers and educational institutions no longer have to look for an effective way to get their students educated over the internet. Geographical boundaries and language barriers have prevented this group of people from transferring their knowledge to students who are looking to acquire such knowledge. With the help of the internet and learning management system, that problem is over.

However, you need a good and properly functioning learning management system to stay ahead of competition in the e-learning environment. You need a portal with all the features that will help you effectively educate and train your students online. Apart from an efficient system, you also require an easy to use system that makes things less strenuous for you. A system that is too complex to understand its functionalities will definitely set you back.  The introduction of the new King Joomla LMS has simplified everything for you. Our products have undergone many years of research and development. We understand how the e-learning environment works and what is needed to keep a strong functional portal. With our list of extensions (components, modules, and plugins), we have all you need to succeed online in the e-learning world.

Never has it been that easy to setup and maintain a learning management system. Users are no longer limited by technical inability as our products are developed to accommodate the most technically inept individual in the e-learning world.  As a teacher, you will need to setup a system that can enable you organize your courses online for students to easily assess them. You also need to create quizzes, exams, conduct interactive e-learning classes with the students where they can ask questions and get responses. There are many things you need to keep in place when starting your online learning portal. This is why you need a unique system that gives you the best. 

With the King Joomla LMS, you will be able to create a great online learning portal for your students to have an excellent e-learning experience. King Products have a group of seasoned developers and programmers that are always there to support you even after the installation of our software.  We are there to help you succeed because means we are equally succeeding. So, order King Joomla LMS today and we will make sure you won’t regret your decision.

How does the Features of the King Joomla LMS products compare against each other?

There are four strata of the King Joomla LMS products. They are the Lite version, Basic version, Intermediate version, and King LMS Professional.

How are these products different from each other?
The entire King products are integrated into the learning Joomla LMS interface for ease of use. They are all user friendly because of this compatibility with Joomla. However, the features of these products are available in incremental order, from the Lite version to the Professional version. This means that the professional version has more features than any of the other version because it is the most enhanced and comprehensive version. Below is a list of some of the features of each of our products.

The Lite version
The King LMS Lite version is the free trial version with limited features. This product was recently added to enable users try out the product before purchasing the paid version. With this version, you will be able to use the exam and quiz formats. However, it does not come with any of our extensions.

The Basic Version

The basic LMS has the following features;
Types of test available
*  Exam
* Quiz
Below are some of the question formats included in King LMS Basic version.

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Matching questions
  • Short answer
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple response
  • Fill in blank
  • Drop-down list

The King Basic contains the following reports available to administrators
Learning Path Reports

  • Learning Path Courses
  • Learning Path Lessons
  • Learning Path Users

Time Spent Reports

  • Completed Course
  • Completed Exam
  • Completed Lesson
  • Received Certificate
  • Registered Users
  • Started Lesson
  • Students Enrolled
  • Most Active Users

Lesson Reports

  • Users Completed Exams

User Reports

  • Lesson Reports
  • Learning Path reports

The intermediate version
Question Types

  • Short answer
  • Drop-down list
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Response
  • Fill in Blank
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Numeric
  • Matching
  • Essay
  • Fill in the blanks

Extensions for this version include forum, feedback, and Media Manager. For the system plugins, there is Buy Now Plugin, User statistics Reporting, and Courses Plugin.
The product also has provision for modules, such as Course Finder Module (used by the students to easily locate a course offered in the program), My certification Parts Module, and Learning Center Module.

Professional Version
This is the most comprehensive version of Kings Products. IT comes with all the above mentioned features in other versions and even much more. There are more questions, presentation enabled by multimedia and integrated for SCORM. You can do a whole lot of things with this version.

Introducing Kings Joomla LMS – The best e-learning software for corporations

In the business world, competition is getting fiercer everyday. Organizations are devising new means to break-even and stay ahead of competition. One of the best ways to do this is to have an edge over your competitors, and the best way to have a competitive edge is to develop your man power-the most important resource in any business organization. Manpower development is a must in any organization. It involves training of staff and employees of the organization to keep them up-to-date in matters affecting the overall operation of the business. These days, training of staff is not only done in a physical building with all the trainees gathered together. Trainees can stay in their homes and receive their own training as long as they are connected to the online portal used by the company.

The Kings Joomla eLearning LMS is a software that allows for the integration of different features needed to send messages, upload courses, create quiz, create exams, and allow students print certificates. These can only be carried out using good learning management software.

Business organizations can avail the opportunity created by the internet to boost their income through constant training and education of staff online. Online training is less expensive than the conventional classroom training where transport and accommodation expenses have to be paid for those in distant places.

However, with the introduction of King Joomla eLearning LMS employees can get trained by the management why they are all seated in the comfort of their homes. Skilled workers are needed by every organization that intends to gain regular profits and stay ahead of competition.  Our software product is just ideal for your organization due to its simplicity, low cost, and efficiency. 

Whenever you are considering online training for your staffs, always go for the most efficient LMS product on offer. And thankfully, we have developed the right product that meets your needs. King Joomla eLearning LMS comes in basic version, intermediate version, and professional version. The basic version contains lesser features than other versions and is also the most affordable. On the other hand, the professional version has all of our components, including presentation, survey, and SCORM features.  For corporate organizations, the King LMS professional is the most ideal version as it contains all the necessary components for their needs. There is also the intermediate version which is user-friendly and contains more features than the lite version but less features than the professional version.


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