Introducing the new King Joomla LMS for educational institutions and corporate organizations

Educational institutions and corporate organizations that want to take their institutions to greater heights can do so with the efficiency that King Joomla LMS provides for e-learning. In reality, the world is now a global village. With the emergence of the internet and the learning management system, students can all converge in a single virtual class and do all things that are possible in the real learning environment. This became a reality with the introduction of learning management systems to simplify the online learning environment.  There is no need for learning Joomla or being a technical expert before you can use the King LMS.

What can King Joomla LMS Product do for corporate organizations?
Corporate organizations that want to get their staff well informed and aware of the current trends in their business can do so without worrying about calling for a conference or real life training. There are many types of training that can be carried out online rather than spending money on travel and accommodation allowance on the employees. Staffs can sit right in the comfort of their home wherever they are and receive trainings from the management through the King LMS enabled presentation and virtual classes. Training of staff and employees has been made more efficient with the introduction of the King Joomla LMS.

What can the King Joomla LMS do for educational institutions?
With our excellent product, educational institutions can be able to manage their e-portal more effectively. Apart from the conventional learning environment, institutions can offer online learning programs and award certificates through this program. There is certainly an opportunity here since the school environment will not be enough to accommodate more students. Apart from that, the learning facilities, accommodation, and other facilities for the students will be inadequate to carter for more students. Thirdly, there is no way for a fully employed individual living in another continent to gain access to the school’s real environment unless they decide to give themselves a very long holiday. But in the e-learning environment, distance is no challenge.  Anyone from any part of the world can comfortably register for an online program without any distance barrier. So, institutions have the advantage of gaining more students in addition to the ones already studying in the school.  With King Joomla LMS, institutions can be able to build a world class e-learning portal that can accommodate more students. This will lead to more exposure of the school and more returns. There are several institutions already utilizing this wonderful product to double and even triple their student base.

King Joomla Lms – Great Product with a User-Friendly Interface

E-learning is the rave of the moment in the educational sector. People are gradually turning into online learning to acquire training and education. In the same vane, teachers and educational institutions are looking for more effective ways to communicate and teach their students online.   There are so many learning management systems in the market today.  But very few deliver what they actually promise. If you are looking to establish a superb e-learning portal with all the needed features to make you succeed, then you need to get an excellent LMS product to make your work easier.  The King Joomla LMS has been tested and proven to be a true king in the e-learning product environment. Its features include an easy to manage interface, affordability, rich features, and efficiency.

Easy to manage Interface: The King Joomla LMS reserves the name as a world class e-learning interface because of its user-friendly nature. It is designed to run on the E learning Joomla component   (an open source software designed to allow users easily create, edit, and maintain their portals).  This simple interface enables even the inexperienced users to be able to design and develop highly efficient e-learning portal.

Affordability: Apart from its efficiency, the King Joomla LMS is reasonably priced. It is always very difficult to find a product in the market that serves all its purpose and yet inexpensive. But we at Kings Products have made our product easily available to all those interested in creating the perfect online learning system.

Rich Features: King Joomla LMS has all it takes to help you design a superb e-learning interface. If you are looking to develop a professional looking portal, the features and components of the product will enable you achieve your aim. There are charts, surveys, presentation, SCORM compatibility, and other e-learning Joomla components.

Efficiency: When it comes to efficiency and dependability, few products will compare to the King Joomla LMS. This is because our developers have gone through the painful process of finding out the best method of ensuring an efficient elearning portal in the industry. With their wealth of knowledge and programming experience over the years, the King Joomla LMS was given birth to. It has been well crafted to provide the most needed tools for anyone to succeed in the e-learning environment.
King LMS is available in three paid versions: the King LMS Basic, King LS intermediate and King LMS professional.

King Joomla LMS – the most reliable e-learning product for teachers and educational institutions

E-learning has really come of age. Every year, millions of people go online in search of online training and education that will help them improve their personal and career life. These people learn through an online interface without ever coming in personal contact with the trainer or instructor. The King LMS Joomla eLearning product was designed to provide an efficient e-learning environment for educational institutions and subject experts who want to impact knowledge on students in need of it. 

The King LMS brings the teacher and the student together in one e-learning environment. Whatever you can do in the conventional classroom environment you can also do in the e-learning environment. The only exception is that students won’t be distracted by their colleagues with their fashion craze and misconducts, as obtainable in the real classroom environment.  This is even an added advantage to those who want to pursue their programs online. Teachers will have the resources and no distractions to impact knowledge better because they are provided with all the resource that will help them do so. What more can you ask for?
As a teacher, you can organize virtual interactive classes and students can ask questions. There are provisions for quiz, exam, survey, presentation, reports, and even modules for printing of certificates. You can do even much more with the King LMS Joomla eLearning software.

What makes Kings Product unique?
Before Kings products was introduced, there was an extensive research into the e-learning environment  to create a product that serves the overall needs of teachers and subject matter experts that want educate people online. The software was developed by highly professional developers who understand that making the functionality of software simple is very important for technically inexperienced people. So, if you are not skilled in LMS functionality, the installation and maintenance of this software because will be easy for you because of its simplistic built.

What are the products on offer?
Kings Products has four different strata of products we have on offer. There is the Lite version, which is the free edition for those that want to try out our product before buying. We also have the basic version, the intermediate version, and the professional King LMS. These versions have their specific features. Of course, the professional version is the most advanced module with all features and components that will help your build a world class e-learning portal.

King Joomla LMS can help you design a world class e-learning Portal

King Joomla LMS is a renowned learning management system that helps users create a viable e-learning module. The product is owned by Kings Products, a PHP development company.   With the increasing demand for online education and employee training, developing the most effective LMS product has been our priority. After so much research over the years, we are proud to introduce to you our all encompassing learning management system. It is designed by the best PHP developers and backed by top notch system support. Our King Joomla LMS is made to fit with Elearning Joomla component 3.1 version and above. This makes it easy to use by inexperienced subject experts who want to create their own e-learning portal to train and educate people.

King LMS has all the features and E learning Joomla components that are needed to design a reliable and efficient online learning portal. Comparing these features and what it actually delivers, you will understand why there are so many positive reviews and great feedbacks for this product. It is relatively cheap when put side by side with other LMS products in terms of affordability and efficiency. 

With the LMS King, you can do so many things such as creating charts, managing quiz questions, storing exam questions for later use, organizing a virtual learning class through multimedia support, and issuing certificates to students at the end of the course.    

We designed it to be user-friendly. This means that you will find no difficulty installing, maintaining, and using this product. We do not only provide an excellent product. We have also backed it with world class support team. After setting up the software, our support team will always respond to your inquiries and questions to make sure we stay with you while you build a world class e-learning portal.

There are three basic things that make our product stand out among a crowd of equals:  affordability, user-friendliness, and efficiency. The above features are unbeatable by any other learning management system on offer in the market today.  You can try for yourself before buying our product by ordering the lite version.

King LMS Product is also perfect for the aficionado who understands the intricacies and functionality behind setting up and maintaining an outstanding online learning system. There are excellent features and components in the professional version for a more advanced module. Do not worry, because we have you covered in all angles.

King Joomla LMS for Technically inexperienced teachers and educators

Online education and online certification is no a news anymore. More and more people are registering themselves in different educational portals to obtain certificates and get online degrees for their personal development. These e-learning portals are run by software known as the learning management system.

The LMS provides all the tools and resources to help anyone who wants to delve into the e-learning environment to establish a well structured portal. Teachers and educators who have little technical knowledge but want to take advantage of the money making benefits of online teaching, the King E-learning Joomla LMS is meant for you. There is no need for a formal training on the functionalities of LMS system or the hiring of an LMS expert to run your portal for you.

We have properly designed our product to take care of all these difficulties for you. Our Kings Product has been properly designed by our team of seasoned developers and programmers. They are not only experienced in providing PHP solutions; they have spent years in the e-learning environment to properly understand the needs of teachers and educators in the e-learning environment. 

The system is specifically designed to be compatible with the Joomla LMs, an open source software that allows users to easily manage their portal. This is why it is user friendly and easy to manage even by the technically novice teacher. You can’t possibly find a better system that is so simple to use as the King E-learning Joomla LMS. That is why we have provided the lite version of our product for you to try for yourself before ordering the paid version. The lite version enables you test our product to find out whether our product is good for you.

As a teacher, an educator, or a subject matter expert, there are many reasons why you need to take your knowledge online and reach out to many students.
One of such reasons is the benefits of attracting several students from all corners of the world.  With the internet, you can reach people in different geographical regions, and with the King LMS you can organize your e-learning portal to educate them wherever they are. Another benefit of going online with our product is simplicity. With the King E-learning Joomla LMS, you are provided with all the features that will make training and teaching people online an easy ride. E-learning is now a profitable business and it is high time you take advantage of these incredible features of King LMS and turn your knowledge into dollars.


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