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When you are in the process of making e-learning software, there is certain point where you need to make very important decision and choices. One of the most important selections is the choice of creating a tool, whether to make a complex tool, or an easy tool to use in Joomla Learning management system. Making a complex tool will bring hundreds of features but with terrible user experience. On the other hand if you select to go easy, keeping in mind perspective learners, you can achieve good user experience but this will leverage third party software integration to cover more range of features with the help of LMS king professional. With this help of great tool, you easily create great Joomla LMS and make your LMS flexible.

Easy CMS Integration – Joomla Content Management system is in great demand now days. Let me tell you how you can integrate. Say tomorrow you want to convert your website easily into an eLearning platform by simply installing into a plugins. You just can convert Learning Management System in just few clicks! Apart from this at Kings Product you can experience award winning customer service and an extensive support in PHP scripts.

Easy front end interface – With Joomla LMS king teacher can easily create course, lessons and can setup course path. Front end display can create progress bar style that suits best. It is capable of handling e-mails, chats and file sharing many more options of knowledge sharing.

Joomla CMS and LMS King – Joomla CMS and LMS are updated constantly to keep your website moving. Enhanced security and improvement are always in to do list of Joomla LMS king product.

Easy to sell – No other product in the market can buy you so many add-on features for creating an e-learning course. With Joomla LMS King you easily integrate e-commerce payment gateway in your existing and can setup payment methods, even creating invoice and discount coupons.

Advanced SEO services – Apart from having good Joomla website, you would definitely require help in getting found over major search engines. With LMS king’s new search engine optimization services you can get higher ranks in major search engines.

PHP services – LMS king combines 20 years of PHP experience to support you with advanced needs of PHP in Joomla website.

From the above listed features, Joomla LMS King and it’s is worth implementing; when you are looking to make an interactive, user-friendly Joomla website.


Logic Behind the successful Interactive E-Learning!

An ingredient for a successful "E-Learning" is good quality content, great design and easy user navigation. Out of the three, the most important being design and development of the course; but very often it over looked as a result I lose interactivity. If learners are not engaged or do not fell free with the course, it adds exception to the course and the course falls. It will eventually learners will not accrue the information you are providing.

1. Keep the matter relevant and simple but strong- You should always target on high quality contents that will keep the learners motivated and engaged to wads the module. A single misleading contents form the subject matter will put question on the whole “E-Learning”. So always ensure that you provide are relevant and improve the learner’s skill sets. Key to successful interactive course is not to include the content that you think is relevant, rather include the content that the learner’s will find valuable.

2. Include explanatory materials – Learners should be given all opportunities to explore the content to make the learning fully interactive. Creating stories with visual components makes the topic eye catching and creates visual about the topic in the mind of the learners and enhance the learning, making them come back for knowledge and information.

3. Single page Quizzes – Inclusion of small amount of Quizzes at the end of each module not only help to make the course effective but also helps access the knowledge and gauge the progress of the learners. Real life situations put in the form quizzes and puzzles helps learners to put there learning to solve the problems in real life situations.

4. Hit the emotions – Emotional response helps the learners retain information or skills. Adding relevant emotional contents based on real world scenario enhances eLearning course and pull attention to the core content.
5. Group Studies – Getting learners into group studies brings collective ideas. You can engage learners via online group chats to solve problems collectively, integrating learning models with blended communities is a great ideas moreover it can explore the topic in depth.

6. Multi-media Mix – An E-learning which has got mix of multimedia and text are more aesthetically appealing then having solely just texts. Making e-learning more interactive is the main element in making the course successful.

To conclude above you should have a balance of all the elements to make the course interactive and successful.


Tips to select the Best Learning Management System


Joomla LMS Tips

There are many options available in the open market to select a learning management system, but selecting a best learning management system its bit tricky. Trust me during my E-Learning carrier; I have been through lot of eLearning course, but there is no size fits to all solutions. That makes difficult in selecting Learning management services. From my experience, there are certain tips which will help you to select best learning management system for your needs.

1) What type of contents will use in e-Learning- Is your e-learning course will be based upon PDF’S, Power points presentation? The answer will be all of the above, while all the CMS platforms available in the market are capable of handling this type of requirements for E-Learning platforms and out of the all Joomla would be the best. But still there is a need of double check on the platform capabilities before course developments.

2) What standards will you need to meet – Do you want your e-learning to be SCORM compliant, do need support to Jomsocial and Easysocial for your Joomla website social requirements? There are numbers LMS providers, but all of them do not support SCORM or Jomsocial. You need be careful while selecting learning management system. LMS king professional is SCORM compliant and provides support for your social networking needs.

3) What features will need for your LMS- Make a list of all top features which you would require for your e-Learning. Do you need different types of question formats, different access to different roles? It is very easy to make a list of requirements and wish to have all of them, but it’s real difficult to select the right solution to meet your needs.

4) Who is your targeted audience- If you are looking to make an eLearning course for employees outside the organisation, will require e-commerce capabilities. Where in learners will buy the course and get access to the trainings. If your targeted audience are within the organisation you would require defining course path and easy certification features.

5) What is budget for e-learning module- It is worthless spending hours for the software’s which are out of your reach of your pocket. But while choosing a software remember to consider the cost and benefit analysis, Some LMS provides support on monthly basis but will cost you a lot in the long run. LMS providers like kings-product provide yearly support on all the requirements.

The above five tips will help you get ahead with your learning management system selection. The best person to answer the above is you yourself.



What question you should ask to your employees before enroll them in e-Learning?

The most important thing which is kept in mind while designing an “eLearning” course is the subject matter which is actually need for the employees. You should aware of the employee’s expectation and concerns they might have before enrolling to an online course. It is always certain that employees can have their own set of question but, there are certain important questions which an organization should addressed and answered to create an efficient training environment.

1) Why will you enroll yourself in this course?
To engage employees to training exercise, they should be aware of what the online training is for. They must know the subject matter, development skills which will be taught in the training, and the important one “what skill will they develop after the training”, “Will the training benefits them in their productivity”. Be sure you enlighten them on the above point, you can provide an outline on the subject matter, the contents etc. So that, the employees can get assured and motivated on the future outcomes from the e-learning.

2) How you apply the knowledge gained from the training?
An e-Learning course can be effect less, if the learners do not know actually how to apply the skills which they have gained from the training. So employees should be made aware of the use of the new knowledge. The best thing you can do to answer this, is to create a module just after the training that clearly states the employees can apply the subject matter that they have gained from the training. Making a learning goal can also be the best idea.

3) What are your benefits from this online course?
In general, employees will be more concerned about the information’s that will benefit them in there day to day activity especially in their workplace, how will it help you in the real world. The only thing the employees want to know is that, how this training going to help them in any form. The best thing can do is that you create scenario based questions pertaining to the learners day to day working life.

4) How can you be sure that you have learnt the content from online course?
Acquiring and providing knowledge are two different things, before building the course materials you should take the advice from the peers and managers that what exactly the online training should comprise off. To address above question you should integrate Quizzes and recaps to check the knowledge from the e-learning.

Lastly, you should motivate employees to Join the course and keep them engaged with the highly interactive course which you have designed.

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