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The emerging internet and technology industry has changed many things in a decade including the way we learn. In past, a person’s action could say that whether he/she is getting formal education or not. If one is attending classes in college then he was considered as a formal student but if a person is using internet all the time then people don’t use consider the guy a formal student. With change in many things, the enhancement in technology has changed our perception too about education by evolving Learning Management System. The best possible way to perform Learning Management System is by Joomla’s platform thus the development is named as Joomla LMS.

It’s been a long time now that the developers have introduced distance learning opportunities. Such opportunities not only save a student’s time but a lot of his assets too. Learning Management System (LMS) is a development in the same niche. The different between distance learning system and LMS is that the distance education program is used for students who want to study particular courses(s) while the LMS is used to train employees.

Usage of LMS:

Usually LMS is used by consulting companies who are specialized in training employees for various organizations. They use the system for staffing and training of the employees. They also use it for the organizations who are willing to turn their employees into continue learners. Moreover, LMS is been used by individual companies too. Joomla LMS is companies’ first choice to make their employees know about their new business plan. Not only this, they can make their employees know their respective tasks for the purpose and most importantly can teach them the skills they would require to perform those tasks. Employers could take assessments and online examinations too.

Student Interface:

Education is now a business too. You can now turn your knowledge into dollars using Joomla LMS. Just create a Joomla LMS platform, take students to your classroom and you’re on the go. Your students won’t need to carry a pen and notebook as they could get note down the lecture directly as a softcopy. They won’t either need to get a Xerox copy of your notes as they’ll be available online too. The LMS would allow the instructor the make probably any type of quizzes they want to. From True/False to Multiple Choice Questions, from short answers to essays, almost everything! LMS would also provide options to record the students’ progress as well.

Media Library:

Instructors have to option to upload the course material on their Joomla LMS’s media library. Students may access their notes & presentations anytime if no restrictions have been assigned by the instructor. It makes things easy for both the parties.

Joomla Learning Management System (LMS) has made its mark already making life easy of many. Employers now can train and keep record of their employees training all under one system. Students can know enjoy distance learning and instructors can now have diversified range of students to teach. A great innovation indeed for the learners and for the ones who are making the learners’ learn.


How Learning Management System (LMS) Can Help Your Business?

How Learning Management System (LMS) Can Help Your Business?

Learning management system or LMS is a software application which is used for all the educational and training activities of the organization.

These systems manage all the data of the training and educational records, and are commonly used by numerous companies for training their employees and many educational institutions for creating a better learning environment for students.

Why LMS is Important for Your Business?

We have broken down this topic into two sections. One is about the importance of LMS for business like firms and organizations. And the second sections cover the importance of LMS for educational institutes like schools and colleges which are provided by our website.

Section One: For Companies

When new employees are hired, they need training for the job before actually taking over the responsibilities. Now you can either go for the old schooling method, the manual training, or you can use our LMS.

A) Manual System

For an instructor, making the employees trained in a manual or old training system is troublesome and costly. You have to set-up rooms for the people to take the classes in. Then, you need to hire instructors to teach the employees by coming to the class each day, due to which the instructors demands for more salary. The increased salary of instructors also escalates the cost of the training.

Additionally, the employees have to follow a strict timetable to attend classes. If they miss a class, they can never cover that lecture again, which increases the chances of failure in training.

All in all, the manual system is slow and requires more manpower, which results in a rise in expenses and not to mention, frustration!

B)Automated System (Learning Management System)

In Automated LMS, you just need to set-up one in your business and you are good to go. You don’t need to spend banknotes on rooms, instructors and time, anymore.

LMS gives the ease to you and the learners, as it takes training to the next level. Employees can learn without attending classes, they just need to have access to an internet-connected device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone, to start training. This allows them to train at any time they want and at any place they are comfortable with.

LMS Business

LMS keeps the record of all the aspects of the training or learning process. It manages authorized access to the learner for training, identifies training goals of the organization and then add them to training lessons. LMS also tracks the performance of the employees by taking tests and compiling reports for the administrator.

Section Two: For Educational Institutes

Our LMS gives a new perspective of education for schools, colleges and universities. With the integration of learning management system, students can learn subjects by watching the videos on their smartphone or any other device.

LMS Education

Our Joomla LMS also provides a great way to the teachers for creating and delivering their content to the students. The teachers can also monitor the interest and participation of the students for the content. They can have a live chat with students and get views about the course and gives answers to the questions, which students are wondering about.

Additionally, the teachers can also prepare quizzes and tests for assessing the performance of the students.

Finally,LMS is the new age of training and learning. The centralized nature of it gives power to both the learners and the instructors, which is in the best interest of the company or the institute. Our Learning Management System makes the process of training and education a fun ride with a lot of perks.

Online Learning System- A New Breakthrough!

Learning and education have evolved immensely in today’s times. There was a time when learning was exclusively limited to schools; however, of late, the exposure to internet means that online education has really brought forth a new revolution of sorts.

There are a lot of perks of online education because it allows you to reach the masses. With time; technology has kept on improving and with the help of LMS, it is easy to set up your own online learning management system and you could actually be extending your learning services to the wide education news

In order to have your own online learning portal, you need to be familiar with a lot of things. Here, we will talk about the main focus points which will help you set up a robust learning management system which could actually benefit the students located in different geographic locations.

1. Finding the right Joomla LMS

Ever wondered what forms the main skeletal framework of an online education portal? It has to be the platform. Unless you have a strong foundation, how can you be hopeful of succeeding? So, you need to first understand the dynamics of the learning management systems which you can use. Go into the details of the possible products you can have, why Joomla is a preferred choice, what are the main features and functionalities you are going to need and so on. Every single point is crucial and you need to pay heed to every one of them.

When you have made a sketch of these details, it should be easier for you to spot the right Joomla learning management system which you can build upon.

2. Prepare the course meticulously

education portal 250x250Nothing is more important than the learning content which you offer. You could choose the most efficient platform for online tutoring, but if there is no way that your content is good enough to educate and enlighten, the online education portal surely won’t work. This is why you need to invest plenty of time for the sake of developing modules and packing them into streamlined contents and incorporating the right amount of test and exercises to help students track their progress. This module might be the most time intensive one, but you need to ensure that you are meticulous with the whole lesson plans.


3. Building the interaction

Learning is not a one way process. One of the key reasons as to why a lot of online tutoring programs have failed is because of the lack of a two way approach. You need to develop the program in such a way that students find an avenue to make an interaction, raise their doubts and they should be offered solutions for the same. The program needs to be dynamic and there should be some way that it can personalize the learning experience.

These are the three key ingredients which could aid in the making of one of the finest online education platforms which could be of help. So, implement these points and use the best Joomla LMS to develop the finest framework for online learning.

The 5 Step Guide To Successful Online Learning

When you are looking to excel in the field of online leaning, the kind of approach which you have is definitely going to change. Online leaning is quite different from school based learning because the students need to take control of their own pace. If you want to make the most out of your online teaching, you can follow these 5 step guide.

1. Get familiar with the program

When you are opting for an online learning program, the first and foremost thing which you need to do is make sure that you are thoroughly familiar with the main program. It obviously takes some time getting used to the same. So, spend some time understanding what you will be learning, the scope of the course, the interface of the program, and the number of hours you need to devote and so on. This initial step sets the foundation for the rest of your learning.

2. Learn about the platform

online learningThere are different platforms which can be used for the sake of offering online programs. Hence, when you want to make the most of your online courses, you need to be adept at understanding the platform as well. Joomla LMS is one of the most common platforms and when you are looking to opt for the same, you should try and use it and understand the way it works. The initial days should be spent merely trying to understand how the whole platform works. It is only when you are comfortable with the platform; you will be able to maximize the learning efficiency.

3. Interaction and feedback

One core reason as to why a lot of learners fail to make the most from these courses have to be the lack of interaction. Learning should never be a one way process. This is why you need to make the course interactive. Try and seek feedback. The best learning programs are the ones which give you the scope to ask for feedback or will have a few sessions with the instructors for solving of doubts. Try and explore these aspects and give your learning journey a two way experience. Interact either with fellow students or with the instructors, if there are any. Feel free to seek feedback and implement them as well.

4. Test yourself out

Ideally, the best Joomla LMS would be so made that there will be tests and exams incorporated into it. You need to know that the grades aren’t everything but in the end, you have to be sure that you are trying to asses yourself. Work upon your results and see where you went wrong. This will help you improve substantially.iv onlinelearning

5. Keep learning, keep growing

Finally, you need to have the fire to keep learning and knowing more facts. The more you learn, the more you will evolve and grow. So, you should find the courses you are passionate about and then give in your best for the same.

These are the five points which you must keep in mind and you are sure to succeed in online learning.

Preparing The Best Online Education Courses

Do you wish to make a robust and really useful online education program? These days, a lot of people are shifting towards the use of online learning program because it is easier to learn at your own pace and pick your own studying hours as well. There is plenty of different work which goes into making of the best online education program. Here we will share the key tips which could turn out to be handy.

Pick the perfect platform

It is extremely important that you are actually finding the right platforms which will help you prepare the course. Making an online learning program means that there will be plenty of modules and one need to streamline all of them in an articulate manner. Joomla LMS is one of the most popular choices because of the kind of features which one can get. Of course, you can explore other alternatives too.

Plan your modules

The kind of course which you have needs to be well thought and planned meticulously too. It is extremely important to be sure that your modules have been systematically planned and well formulated. You should gather the right kind of content and arrange them into separate modules. Bulking all information in a single chapter is the worst way to teach. So, you need to spend time planning the modules as well.

Scope for interaction

426 eLearning1.jpg 960x320When you are making an online learning program, it is mandatory to have some scope for interaction. When there is no way for the students to approach someone, how will they ever get their doubts cleared? So, you need to take this point into consideration and have the possibility of open sessions, webinars, and doubt clearing sessions, one-off classes or special segments. There needs to be an opening which will allow the learners to get in touch with the instructors. There can be a few live chat sessions or open house discussion. This is important as it will ensure that learners can actually assess where they are going wrong.

Feedbacks and assessments

This is another important aspect which has to be thoroughly considered. You need to be sure that your online program has the provision for tests and assessments. This is one of the core strategies that hold gargantuan importance. If there is no way to track progress, some learners may get distractions and thus your program will actually fail to benefit the people at large.

Of course, there are a lot of other points which needs to be understood and implemented. However, as a starter, it is these points which you need to keep in consideration. When you manage to do so, it will definitely give you the right direction which in turn will help you make a great online learning program.

When you are designing an online program, remember it will always take time. Choosing to rush in these matters is only going to lead to more problems. So, invest time, be patient and always assess the work you have done. This will help you excel in the art of making a great LMS.


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