LMS King Offers a Creation Wizard that lets Users Get Started Quickly and Correctly

Many learning management systems are created with the belief that the user will know everything they might need to be able to get started right away. As part of their commitment to great customer service, Joomla LMS King, the premier Learning Management System, has a Creation Wizard that walks new users through the creation of their e-learning experience, eliminating hours and days of hardship and frustration. A video demonstrating this powerful wizard in action is available at http://youtu.be/_RBawxpJBvQ.

“One of the most annoying things that happens to people that purchase other Learning Management Systems: they are often left on their own,” Robert Joyce, CEO, said. “At King Products, we offer more than just an amazing product, we offer a great user experience.”

The built-in creation wizard walks users through the creation of certifications, course, lessons and much more. Rather than being forced to build each stage of the e-learning process separately, the LMS King Creation Wizard takes the user through each step of the process. Users can still access each step separately as well when that is more convenient.

Also, as part of their commitment to great customer service, LMS King provides customer support via email.

“The Creation Wizard is just the beginning of the tools that we make sure that every user has to make their LMS King Experience as smooth and easy as possible,” Joyce said. “The key to the creation wizard is that it is designed to be like one of our customer service professionals being right there with you as you develop your curriculum and course.”

The Creation Wizard takes customers from inception to deployment of a course, step by step. Because it is not just a training tool, but it actually sets up the course, users can open and use the Creation Wizard over and over, making the creation of new courses even easier.

“Most of our customers are teachers, corporate executives and human resources professionals. They don’t have time to understand the complex inner-workings of the King Products Learning Management System,” Joyce said. “The Creation Wizard makes it so they don’t have to. They can simply walk through the course creation process and be up and running in no time.”

A short demonstration of the power of the LSM King Creation Wizard is on YouTube at http://youtu.be/_RBawxpJBvQ.

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers there four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected].

LMS King CEO, Robert Joyce, Explains the Power of a Learning Management System and the Future of E-learning

In a recent interview, LMS King, Robert Joyce explained the importance of the Learning Management System to the future of learning globally.

“E-learning was unheard of 40 years ago, rare 20 years and unusual 10 years ago. Now, every learning institution in the world offers some e-learning programs,” Joyce explained. “Over 70% of the world’s companies offer some online learning, nearly every college and university and most elementary and high school incorporates online learning.

“With all of this e-learning, it is imperative that institutions and individuals choose a Learning Management System that provides them with everything they could need: flexibility, expandability, customer support, ease of use and total compatibility with other systems.

“I believe that in the future entire nations will begin to teach their students entirely online, through large screen televisions, advanced computers and tablets and, who knows, maybe even virtual reality,” Joyce said. “Managing more than simply the content is important for the success of a program and a course. Managing quizzes, tests and ‘in classroom conversation’ are all important aspects of the future of e-learning and Learning Management Systems.”

With projects putting Self-Paced E-learning, as subsection of all e-learning, at $51 billion by 2016, the growth of e-learning is assured.

One of the major areas of e-learning that King Products hopes to see growth is under-served nations. Many nations around the world do not have education systems that allow children to learn and grow to their full potential. King Products looks forward to the day when students in even the poorest countries will be able to log onto a community computer or one provided to them and learn everything that they need to and want to.

“It is possible to teach nearly everything via e-learning already. From basic reading and writing to advanced quantum physics and medicine, e-learning is able to deliver a huge amount of information in a way that children and adults can learn and grow,” Joyce said. “The potential of technology, like our King Products Learning Management System and inexpensive computers and tablets, to change the world is almost unlimited.”

King Products LMS offers different levels for different users from Lite to Professional. Based on Joomla language, King Products LMS is a highly adaptable and expandable software system that provides users with total control over the student’s learning experience.

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected].

LMS King is Being Offered at a Special Discount for a Limited Time

Omsk, Russia, November 2, 2014– Joomla LMS King, the premier Learning Management System, is being offered at a special discount of just $129 for a limited time (RRP $349). LMS King Professional is an essential tool that provides everything an instructor could need for training and teaching. To benefit from this offer the discount code “upgrader” must be used at checkout on the website, www.king-products.net. The discounted pricing will be available until December 31, 2014.

“We are so confident that LSM King Professional is the perfect program for any instructor that we are offering a limited time discount to prove it. With the ability to manage every aspect of a class or training, our software is perfect for any application and we hope this offer will encourage those in the teaching profession to see the full scope of the system.” – Robert Joyce, CEO, LMS King

LMS King Professional allows the user to manage:

  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Presentations
  • Surveys
  • SCORM – Programming that allows it to work well with other e-learning software
  • JomSocial plugins

‘This is way ahead of the other LMS systems I've tested on Joomla. Very feature rich + easy to use interface.’ – Friendly Hacker – October 2013

‘This is the best LMS you can buy for Joomla. Well-made and has all the features you will ever need. Even better is their support: second to none!!! Do not think about doing something else while waiting for an answer: you won't get the time.... Excellent!’ – Tom16 – 31 December 2013

“We are very proud of the reviews we have received for our software,” Robert Joyce, Founder and CEO of King Products said. “We have consistently had great feedback, not just for our LMS, but also for our customer service”.

“The Professional version has all of the functionality that an educator needs to take full advantage of the e-learning environment,” Joyce said. “Every day, we fine tune the system, bringing to it not only innovations from others, but some of our own innovations that make using the LMS easier.”

‘After using Moodle for the past 6 years, I was always looking for a solution inside Joomla, like a component. Finally I found LMS King. The change was fantastic. Forget about all the complications with Moodle in order to present courses embedded in Joomla.’ – qmiguel - 27 December 2013

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, it is a culmination of his years of experience in the IT field and a product he is very proud of. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) was in development for four years and is continually evolving. Today, King Products offers four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support which helps to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about LMS or King Products, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected].

The Future of eLearning in Joomla CMS with regards to LMS King Professional

The easy integration between content management system and learning management system is the reason of Joomla CMS popularity. Regardless of the business activity it is convenient to have an eLearning system for your organisation. Everything is centralised and you need not have to be an expert in managing your LMS. Most of the extensions are offered free of cost and can be easily integrated with the LMS. Moreover enhanced CMS features enable blended eLearning by collaborating socially makes learning interactive.

These days there is lot of debate on interactivity of an e-learning course. Some people say it is worth less to have an eLearning, if it is not high-level interactive. “Click and read” eLearning becomes boring for them and as a result eLearning fails. Joomla CMS does not have any predefined learning management system built-in, so you would always need a third party software to make your Joomla E-Learning functional. There are plenty of software’s available in the market, but it is all about the full integration and compatibility. Now the question arises, on the specific LMS requirements. Is the extension capable of handling your requirements?
The Answer is “Yes” if it is LMS king professional, powered by Joomla. It is designed to meet the specific requirement of corporate and educational institutions. That’s why more and more companies are moving towards LMS king professional as an e-learning partner. It contains all the components of an ideal e-learning extension.

1. Easy Control both Couse designer and Learners – Not all LMS extension provides you easy Admin interference and flexibility, starting from the course layout to visual components, creativity freedom, it is just like all item packed in a magic box. Moreover you can determine the course level, payment methods at best suits your needs.

2.Define Roles and Responsibilities and manage stuffs on the move – You can easily set access with regards to roles and responsibilities. You can easily check user activity progress, time spent on the move. Question analysis feature acts as an add-on to the e-learning course.

3.Blended Learning – An ability to go social with modern scenario based questions.

4.Reduce Course Delivery cost- You can enrol employee immediately to the eLearning course and get him/her trained without any extra cost or time and you can get more return on your training investments.

The most important benefit of choosing LMS King Professional is the clients support and after sale service, to keep your e-learning running they work while you sleep.

Which LMS would you consider for your E-Learning?

(LMS) stands for learning management system, which can help you to manage, administer your e-learning system. An LMS is a perfect technology to replace your manual work and save time and money. And even they can forecast data and progress reports. Market of Learning Management system is volatile and it is changing rapidly especially when it comes to Joomla platform. Landscape of LMS is not defined and it keeps on adding with new features.

An organisation adopt LMS basically to meet there E-Learning needs and finding a best suited LMS is not an easy job. Once you select the LMS for your company, your organisation will tend to use it for next 5 to 10 years meeting your organisation needs. So that’s, the reason it makes difficult to select a perfect LMS. Before selecting a LMS, it is important that you evaluate it.

Product Evalution

How to evaluate a LMS product

Evaluation of a LMS product basically comprises of five major parts.

1) Need for LMS (Need Analysis)

2) Define your Needs or Requirement’s.

3) List of available options or Products.

4) Evaluate selected option or product.

5) Select from the Evaluation list.


1) Need for LMS – Need analysis is very important in LMS selection of an organisation. You need to check back with the leadership, training teams and Learners for their views. If your organisation is looking for a change of LMS, then you need to consider taking feedback from the training team about their liking and dislikes.

2) Defining Requirements – Requirements forms the base of LMS section so it is very important to know the requirements and it becomes easier to evaluate. To define the requirements you need to gather the previous points for “Need for LMS”, try to think what learners and management would like to achieve from the LMS. Make the express list of requirements broadly based on three criteria’s: Technical, Functional and Costs.

For Example:-
Technical – Can this LMS be easily managed, can I define the roles, will it imply any cost for managing or can this be managed by local IT.
Functional- Will this LMS be able to track the performance of the employees, Can this be accessed from smart phones.
Cost- How much will it cost to the organisation, is there an option yearly payment or volume licencing.

3) Product Available- There are number of products available in the market, you need to shortlist your product selection catalogue based on the on requirements. This will basically filter out non-qualifying LMS products. For example not all products will have will have 18 different types of questions patterns or multi-response options.

4) Product Evaluation- Now you can start evaluating your selected product. Always judge on the different variables like LMS performance, LMS speed, time to load a module etc.

5) Product Selection- This is the final stage of settling with the product. If possible arrange a call with the product manufacturer to get the best product quote or send a request for proposal to your entire product finalist.

Very often big organisation selects a LMS product without surplus investigation on the requirements. A thorough need analysis not helps the organisation but also to its stake holders. Analysis requires a lot of time, but the above points will surely help you make a better picture on your LMS requirements.



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