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Learning is evolving so do the e-learning; learning has changed many forms and is never ending process. Recently books got changed into electronic forms. And why shouldn’t be? The benefits of being on-line could be ripped throughout the world. Moreover it is equally beneficial for working and home based learners. Thanks to Joomla CMS open source and popular LMS king Professional which has made possible. Using LMS king, many organisations has successfully designed interactive online courses, with Joomla LMS king professional developers can create successful effectual LMS to counter the needs of educators.
Using LMS King effectively you can provide round the clock access to training programme irrespective of learner’s geographical location; e learning can be delivered easily to any corners of the world. Using LMS king you can make everything online from registration to class creation. This powerful e learning solution can help in many ways. It will not only help to manage the course easily but also help you to build reputation of your institution across the world. LMS King makes the world smaller both for learners and organisation. Both the user and the organisation can benefit a lot.

Benefits of LMS King to the Organisation:-

  1. Increasing Global Visibility – You can increase your reputation by building an e learning course. As your training is online, you can reach many learners at same time.
  2. Advantages of going global – Since the content is online you can reach anywhere in the world and you can enrol all candidate across all countries.
  3. Bringing cultures together – By bringing education online you can bring different cultures together, where the learners will share their views online via, chat etc.
  4. Easy Management – Management has always been one of the tuff jobs for the organization. It is not only costly but requires resource too. But by going online managing course, tracking learner’s progress and performance, managing students becomes very easy.
  5. Quick and Easy Question papers – LMS king integration will get you 18 different types of question preparation option. Built in Quiz will help you to make interactive and participating e learning sessions. Moreover, it can provide classroom environment to support education on demand.
  6. Easy certification to learners – You can easily prepare certificates and create certification path for your learners.
  7. Tailored application for your specific needs – You can setup course time and payment methods prior to the start of e learning course.

Benefits of LMS King to the Learners:-

  1. Chance to get global certificate – Learners can easily get global certificate and can create aspiring career.
  2. Education on demand, across all time zones and all geographical location.
  3. Flexibility to learn online for working class and home based learners.

There is no end to the learning process, also the LMS King Support and innovative function. It constantly making efforts in adding features and improvising the current features to help learning made easy and better.


Points to remember while designing an e learning course in your LMS


When you are designing an e learning programme it is important to solicit feedback from your target audience. It is very important to shape your course ware so that it is optimal for the audience. There is no doubt that learning has revolutionized, the way we delivered the learning. Facts can easily be seen as more and more educational institution are moving to online training in order to broaden their skill sets. A learner depends upon e base platform to enhance their skills. Knowing the basis will be enough for a successful e-learning module. However, if want to create an e-learning module that not only help them to gain knowledge but also retain learning for future endeavour.
In this article, we will talk about how to develop an e-learning module that is easy to maintain and achieve professional and educational goal.

LMS Kings Key Points


  1. Determine your key objectives. This is one of the important key functions, you should figure out who will be using this course and what can you offer them. For example what learning will you be providing after the course completion? Who will be your primary audience? What learning style will you be using? Etc.
  2. Target audience awareness. Try to educate the learners about the course benefits prior to launch of the e learning module. A few lines about the course as “description” will be very handy, or outlining the important skills that they will benefit from “e-learning” sessions.
  3. Indexing or using Syllabus. Syllabus, indexing are traditional methods used in learning. Syllabus can act as a valuable tool for learners and LMS designers; it can provide a whole outline of the e-learning to the educators.
  4. Use of Interactive media content. Use of audio visual or graphics stimulates mind and helps in memorizing content more easily. E-learning platform like “LMS King Professional” has the ability to include visual aids and other educational tools that will encourage learners to bring up a participation session.
  5. Including Test and Quizzes. An effective course includes quizzes, test etc. Including test and quizzes not only helps in participating e-learning sessions but also help in determining learners progress, which will eventually help you see the grey areas where you need your content to be modified.
  6. Make the e-learning mobile. E-Learning story does not end up in computer screen; you should try to move to mobile gadgets like tablets etc. That will help you the get monopoly and educators will have the option to go mobile with learning, they can have the chance to learn any anywhere place.


The above listed points will surely help you design an effective course in your current LMS.




How to secure your old Joomla website?

Learning Joomla is a gradual process, though creating Joomla website doesn’t require programming expertize but requires hands on if you want to create complex designs with Joomla. To develop a Joomla website, there are many facts which you should consider and one of them is “Joomla website security”. Recent studies on Joomla website show around 45% are still using a Joomla 1.5 version, which raises security risk. Security is equally important to all website, inspite of the fact being simple website or a complex Joomla “e-Learning” website. In this article, we have put some tips that can help you to make your old Joomla website secure.

Things to do:

1. Version Check: If you still not on Joomla 1.5.26 and running on Joomla 1.5.12 or Joomla 1.5.3 then you need to consider updating immediately. has already closed doors to Joomla 1.5.26, so immediately update to Joomla 1.5.26 today. If you still running with old versions of Joomla, then perhaps your site is under attack.

2. (Jos_) security holes: Security threats in Joomla 1.6 are due to the default database prefix (Jos_) which could be hacked by SQL injection. To check this, you need to change the Jos_ prefix and make changes to configuration .php.

3. Default super Admin: In Joomla 1.5 version it is not possible to change default admin user id or name. So it is needed done manually by creating another super admin and you login into newly created admin account and deleted the account with ‘admin’ user name.

4. Change path to admin panel: To protect Joomla website from hackers it necessary to change the path of admin access, which will block access to the admin panel via .htaccess. Moreover, it will help you to hide CMS of your website. Hackers determining your website CMS make can exploit it very easily. So it is advisable not to promote your website make.

5. Broken Links: Broken links are bad from SEO and user perspectives, users may leave your website if they find site got struck due to broken links. You can remove or find broken links easily with the help of free tools like W3C link checker or any other web tolls easily available.

There are certain best practices which may help your Joomla website performance.

  1. Delete useless extensions: Always try to buy Joomla extensions that best suits your need. Uploaded too much of free extensions can slowdown the website loading.
  2. Stronger Password: Set Admin password very strong, which is difficult to guess.
  3. Check site malware frequently.

All the mentioned steps above are all temporary measures, and will act as shield to protect your website from hackers. So it is advisable to upgrade to new Joomla version and save time and money.

e-Learning made easy With Joomla LMS King Professional!


Peoples attitude has got changed towards education due advancement of computer and technology. Today students prefer techno-drenched environment to get learning. College experience is getting changed by e-learning. Students prefer getting information from internet rather than sitting for hours to collect notes. It’s the time to get the information on clicks; schools are finding ways to implement e learning trough online courses to blend traditional and modern ways to teaching. In this century students are armed with modern gadgets like cell phones, notepads and tablets rather than notebooks and ink-pens. To engage students in the learning process teachers are finding difficult to get quizzes and test conducted to get students attention back towards education.


Why LMS King Professional?
Joomla LMS king is easy to use Joomla extensions for Joomla website for creating “e-learning” courses. Generating quizzes test, learning paths. Creating quiz with Joomla LMS King Professional does not require any programming skills, which helps school teachers to create an interactive quiz and can get immediate feedback on student knowledge level.

Why LMS King Professional is perfect friend for a teacher?
It is real difficult on writing curriculums and lesson plans and finding time to interact with students, accepting feedback from parents. LMS King Professional not only allows a teacher to create an easy quiz, but also monitor students’ performance and take steps to improve the student performance.
With LMS king Professional teacher can create 18 different types of question pattern, add images and assign pattern. Moreover, random quiz question pattern will ensure that the students won’t cheat in examination. When finally students have completed the quiz or survey, teachers can easily get the final performance report easily on few clicks.

How Can Students benefit from Joomla LMS King Professional?
Modern students cannot think without computers, Joomla ‘e learning’ will become perfect friend. Students and take easy test anytime and get result immediately. There is lot of time spent between examination and final result in the old educational system. But, with LMS King Professional there is no time required to gauge the performance, student can analyse mistakes from the final result and can take the learning to fill the gap.

LMS King Professional acts a perfect solution for e learning industries, especially educational institution like schools and colleges. LMS Kings easily integrates with Joomla CMS, install Joomla LMS king now and make education enjoyable.


What’s your opinion on E-Learning, do you love or hate e-learning?

E-learning industry is going crazy. This is really good if a company is going for re-structuring, one of the biggest challenges for the corporates is always a learning path after reconstruction. However, there are many emerging technology which carter learning needs for an individual or a corporate. Instead of training people on groups corporates prefer online modules or courses to learn and move forward.

E-Learning is still new for many organizations, and they are still making a move to online courses. Plenty of capabilities are offered by authoring tools, but the main problem starts when you make the online course effective. That’s where this article comes in.
What’s the learner opening who takes the online course?
If you ask somebody about their feel from the course, he or she might have a mixed opinion. Some might say it as boring, but all would prefer online e learning then going to a class. The latest survey showed learner want relevant and decision making scenarios. Many a times we push out of focus information into the eLearning, which tends to lose sight. However, online courses can be more effective and not just bunch of information’s. Now how can you change that?


Likes on E-Learning:-
Many learners like to be part of an evolving technology. Peoples get motivated on the contents those are made exciting and on decisions making scenario. Learners feel engaged, especially to courses which are based upon gamification or quizzes. Most of the learners prefer virtual learning environment then classroom training. A virtual environment is created when an eLearning is accessed over a smart phone or a tablet. An ideal eLearning can a paused in middle and knowledge can be accessed till the point of learning.
Dis-Likes on E-Learning:-
Cost can be domination on eLearning implementation in an organization. As a result, contents and course materials does not commit adequate for the learners. Honestly speaking there are many open source CMS, which provide eLearning base. If earning base is not selected properly it affects the whole online course. One of the most challenging for an organization is lack of proper recourse or “Proper know how” in creating a high-level interactive online course. Open CMS like Joomla CMS can create an interactive course with the help of LMS king Professional but, again moving to Joomla CMS platform requires IT support. Well this has turned quite into a manifesto, but I can say likes and dis-likes depend on learner’s perception.


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