Understanding the Unique features of King Joomla LMS

Education and training has taken a new dimension since the emergence of the internet.  People now have varied options regarding how they want to get trained or educated. There are several programs offered online by educational institutions, organizations, and individual subject matter experts. One can actually acquire education online without the burden of real classroom walls and the distraction of fashion craze in the conventional learning environment. The e-learning environment can be equipped with all the tools that aid proper learning and comprehension. This has been made possible by learning management software (LMS). One system that comes to mind when talking about LMS is Kings E-learning Joomla LMS.  It is properly crafted to carter for the needs of those who want to excel in the e-learning environment. Teachers, schools, subject experts, and business organizations that want to effectively educate their subjects over the internet can rely on the efficiency of King LMS.

The developers of this system have spent several years in research into learning management mechanisms and the problems faced by users over the years.   We are really aware of the difficulties faced by teachers and administrators who want a system that guarantees them optimum performance. Although there are other similar software that have tried to provide this need, they are still lacking in cost and efficiency.

We have fashioned out a product that meets your needs and requirements. There are features you will find only in our King products.  There is a wide range of components available to help you build a world class e-learning module.

Our products are available in four different strata. The first is the lite version, a free trial version that gives you the opportunity to try our product before you buy. The basic version is the most affordable edition, designed to provide the most basic features that help you build a simple and user-friendly e-learning interface. The King E-learning Joomla LMS basic does not include our components. The third version is the King LMS intermediate, an upgrade on the basic version with more features and capabilities. It contains some of our components. This is perfect for users who want to build an efficient e-learning portal with limited resources. The third version and most sophisticated is the professional version. This contains all of our components, including survey, presentation, SCORM features, and multimedia features. With the professional LMS King, you can do more than just creating an e- learning website.

King Joomla LMS – the most effective and affordable e-learning module for teachers and educators

Teachers and educators who want to take advantage of the opportunity that the internet has provided to educate and train people online can now do so with ease. The introduction of the King E-learning Joomla LMS will now help you achieve your teaching and training objectives online. The product is specifically designed by seasoned professionals and developers who have scoured the market and carried out appropriate research on e-learning over the years. We have come up with our own brand of LMS that is affordable as well as effective. If you are looking to succeed online by creating a sophisticated e-learning module online, King Joomla LMS is your answer.

You can do so much with our e-learning software. You can set quizzes, set exams, arrange modules, make presentations, organize virtual interactive classes, create certificates for students to download upon course completion, and lots more.

We have made it very simple to use. Our e-learning software is compatible with the Joomla 3.1 platform and above. We chose Joomla because it is an open source portal that is easy to use and maintain. After purchasing our Kings E-learning Joomla product, our highly experienced support team will guide you through setup, installation, configuration, and maintenance process. We want you to succeed, because we are equally succeeding if you do.

Whether you have technical ability to understand the intricacies behind LMS products or not, we guarantee that you will have an easy ride when using our product. So, you are no longer limited by technical know-how or knowledge of LMS.

For those that are technically aware, we have all the great components that will enable you design a great e-learning module. We have you covered in all the areas you need assistance.   Kings Products E-learning Joomla has received series of awards and great reviews by users and customers since its launch. But we are not just stopping here. We are still going to improve on this already great product because our developers are busy working ceaselessly to ensure that we maintain our position as the leading company that provides  the most efficient and inexpensive e-learning software for business organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and teachers who want to create the perfect online learning environment for their subjects.

You can order the basic version, intermediate version, or professional version depending on the features you are looking for and the LMS needs you want to meet.

Introducing King LMS - the best e-learning software for teachers and Educational Institutions

Education is not only acquired in brick classrooms anymore. Educational institutions now have their online portals where they offer online degree programs and other certificate awarding programs. Interestingly, these certificates are no different from the certificates obtained from the real world institutions. One can bypass several barriers to conventional classroom education and obtain certificates from virtual interactive classrooms online. The main backbone behind this recent development in the education industry is the introduction of the learning management system, a software that allows the teacher organize classes, give teat, and issue certificates at the end of the course.  Learning management systems have come to stay. However, caution should not be thrown into the winds when selecting the right LMS for your needs. Choose a system that is not overly expensive and very efficient for the purpose you intended it for. Such a system is already available in King E-learning Joomla LMS.

We at Kings Products are proud to announce to you our properly researched and well tested e-learning management software. The product does all it promises and even much more.  It is perfect for anyone who wants to create an e-learning portal which provides all the necessary features that aid efficient learning. It is intended for teachers, instructors, educational institutions, subject matter experts, and organizations. It will help business organizations train their staff without the need to bring them together in one building. Training can be done online while the staffs stay in their respective houses, no matter the distance between them. All the need is a virtual classroom platform with interaction sessions. This is what the King E-learning Joomla provides.

The LMS products are available in different versions because we want to meet everyone’s online teaching needs. The lite version is available for free on a trial basis. With this version, you can try out our product for free and order the paid version when you are satisfied with our product features.  There is the basic version, the intermediate version, and King LMS professional version. 

Whether you are a guru or a beginner, we provide a user friendly product that is compatible with Kings E-learning Joomla LMS, an open source portal that gives users the freedom to manage their portal. For those experienced administrators, the professional version with all tools and components is available for you. When it comes to a learning management system that is efficient and very affordable, it will be difficult to find a product that beats King Joomla LMS.

Features and extensions of the King basic and intermediate LMS

As a teacher or assistant who wants to educate your students using an online portal, there are very few products out there that can guarantee your great results. King LMS Joomla eLearning is one of such products. Developed to help teachers and educational institutions create the perfect online learning portal, King LMS is the leading product in the e-learning environment. There are three different paid versions of the Kings Product; the Basic version, intermediate version, and the professional version. The basic version, as the name implies, provides the most basic features for beginners or technically inept teachers who want an easy to use e-learning environment. It does not come with our extensions. The basic LMS has the following features;
Types of test available
*  Exam
* Quiz
Below are some of the question formats included in King LMS Basic version.

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Matching questions
  • Short answer
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple response
  • Fill in blank
  • Drop-down list

The King Basic contains the following reports available to administrators
Learning Path Reports

  • Learning Path Courses
  • Learning Path Lessons
  • Learning Path Users

Time Spent Reports

  • Completed Course
  • Completed Exam
  • Completed Lesson
  • Received Certificate
  • Registered Users
  • Started Lesson
  • Students Enrolled
  • Most Active Users

Lesson Reports

  • Users Completed Exams

User Reports

  • Lesson Reports
  • Learning Path reports

Features and Components Of The Intermediate Version
The King LMS Joomla eLearning intermediate version includes all the features of the basic version and even more. It has the presentation, which is absent in the basic version. It comes with extensions (a feature which is also absent in the basic version). Extensions for this version include;

  • Course Finder module
  • Learning Center module
  • My Certification Paths module

System Plugins

  • Buy Now plugin
  • Courses plugin
  • User Statistics Reporting plugin


  • Feedback
  • Forum
  • Media Manager

It also has more reports and questions than its basic counterpart. From the above, it can be seen that both products are loaded with a wide array of features and tools to make your e-learning experience a worthwhile one. There is also the professional version which has all the features in the intermediate version and even additional features.  Finally, the product you decide to purchase will depend on how you want your e-learning needs to be met.  

Why is there so much fuss about the Joomla King Products?

LMS King is renowned as the most powerful and flexible content management system available online. With its simplicity, LMS King Clients are guaranteed that the solution is in constant development and would not be left with degraded or outdated performance or software.  Joomla LMS King has been built to accommodate the latest Joomla-3 server which utilizes every feature to produce a flexible and highly scalable solution delivered through a user friendly framework.

With the all purpose and comprehensive LMS King, learning management system has been made easy. King products understands that not everyone who wants to build an efficient e-learning system have web development knowledge. In view of this, we have designed the perfect product in LMS King, tailored to meet the needs of this group of people and also powerful to be utilized by IT experts.  King Joomla LMS has the most robust features, including user profile management, time tracking, import features, and setup wizards, built into a user-friendly interface.

It is e-learning course software that delivers even more than it promises. Before now, people looking to create a learning management system have been made to use overly complex or underpowered pieces LMS products that lead to prohibitive cost or ineffective solution.

But today with the introduction of LMS King, the indelible e-learning environment has been changed for good.  Anyone can develop some of the well-crafted and feature rich e-learner experience with the click of the mouse. This has been made possible by the feature rich King Joomla LMS.

To meet the varied and extensive demands of those that want to build learning management systems, the LMS King has different levels of features packaged into three versions, including professional, intermediate and basic levels. The basic version of the product offers a wide array of options for developing and customizing learning experience. Although this version offers lesser features than other versions, it still remains a strong learning management package.

The intermediate version is designed to provide a more sophisticated medium for users who want something more complex and more flexibility to enhance their learning experience. The third version of the LMS King is the most robust version specifically tailored to meet the needs of those looking for the most comprehensive solution. The LMS King professional has all the features of both the basic and intermediate versions and lot more. It was designed to meet the most challenging requirements of a complex e-Learning project.


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