Why have so many organizations chosen King Products?

King LMS was specifically designed by professionals with e-learning experience. Our developers have many years of experience which they have packaged into an all encompassing product known as the LMS King. Known for its simplicity and comprehensiveness, LMS king is the number one software product for business organizations, educational institutions and business owners who want to take their organization into greater height through e-learning. With a fully functional e-learning model that features all tools needed for anyone to succeed in the e-learning environment, you have had all you asked for. Its most useful learning tools include:

  • Advanced tracking and reporting
  • Certificate completion with full SCORN support
  • LMS user roles (for students, teacher, CEO, etc)
  • Collaboration  
  • Rapid authoring tools and affordable e-learning system
  • Flexible course management and many more.

As a teacher, you can do so many things using LMS products. You can:
*    Create discussion classes where you meet your students on an interactive basis
*    Provide multimedia rich contents to your students powered by rapid authoring tools
*    Tailor the e-learning content to the specific needs of the students by creating study sections for each learning module
Your students will be able to;
*    organize their studies in a more structured manner in order to follow the lessons as they are given
*    Connect with other students and members of their study group and share ideas together
*    See results for their test and quiz, and print out certificate upon completion of the course.

Business organizations are not left out in this all encompassing benefits of King Joomla LMS for e-learning.
Organizations that want to train their staff and get them updated on the latest business trends can do so without worrying about geographical boundaries. Those with branches in different regions of the world can get their staff trained from a remote LMS system and their staff only needs to connect to the system wherever they are.

Although there are other LMS products on the internet, none can be compared to King Products in terms of cost and simplicity.  There is no need for a well rounded knowledge in programming language to teach using learning management system. No need to worry about configuration as the set up wizard will guide you throughout the set up process. In reality, e-learning has come to stay, and it is important to work with a system that guarantees efficiency. That is what the new LMS King is all about!!

King Joomla LMS: the perfect e-learning portal

With the introduction of e-learning, several courses are not necessarily required to be taught in classrooms. E-learning is increasingly gaining grounds because of the availability of good software that ensure its effectiveness. One of such software is the King Joomla Learning Management System. There are endless possibilities with e-learning using this trusted LMS. Even classes that usually meet in the classroom have online component.  Assignment can be turned in online while syllabus is posted on the educational website for students to download.

This is only the primary aspect of e-learning. E-learning has to do with organizing virtual interactive classes online where students have to interact with the teacher and one another.  And the driving force behind this recent development is the e-learning portal developed by King Products. The technology of King LMS allows users to utilize several e-learning tools to make their e-learning experience more worthwhile.

For internet beginners and those who are technically inexperienced, Kings Learning Management System is just right for them. You don’t have to learn programming language to be able to create a world class learning portal to train or teach people online.

There are simple templates that help you create lessons, develop charts, create forums, and discussion classes for your students. Virtual learning classroom is also possible with this system. A learning environment can be created where you can chat and discuss with your students, while they ask questions and discuss case studies.

There is also a provision for creating quiz and exam questions that can be administered to the students at a later date. The teacher has full control of the portal and can grant access to only the user groups that he or she chooses. Teaching and administering questions have been simplified for the technically inept teachers who feel technical knowledge will prevent them from sharing their ideas to the world.

Finally, if you are concerned about issuing out results after the students have completed their courses, then worry no more. It is easy to create custom results in the portal where students will be allowed to print their results from the portal wherever they are.

All these features are not available in several other similar systems. Even when they are available, they are too complex for inexperienced web owners to comprehend and set up. But with the King Joomla LMS, everything has been done for you!!

Building a solid and dependable online learning system using the King Joomla LMS

Learning management systems are software intended to create a learning interface where users can interact with each other as they pass knowledge across. LMS is increasingly gaining popularity because of the high demands of online learning.  Our Kings Joomla LMS was designed to give users another viable option when it comes to providing user-friendly software that is reasonably priced and very efficient. With this user-friendly interface that Joomla provides, there is no need to worry about Joomla development tutorial because the system is easy to comprehend. Why most other systems in this niche are too technical and complex to manage, our LMS system makes you look like a pro.
Subject matter experts that want to take their e-learning module to greater height can avail the benefits of King LMS for dependability and efficiency.
It has been designed by experienced LMS users who already understand the intricacies involved in the overall functionality of learning management system. Our King LMS professional provides all you need to ensure that you create an enviable e-learning portal.

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Choose the LMS King Today for the Most Ideal E-Learning Experience

A learning management system is utilized to simplify learning in an online environment.  With a sound LMS, trainers and educators can be able to hold classes, conduct seminars, mark exams, and issue certificates to students after the completion of their courses. Interestingly, there is now a new LMS product that is user friendly and provides great features to teachers and educational institutions. 

Why is the King LMS Joomla eLearning product different from other LMS products in the market?
Our LMS King is user friendly, very effective, and quite affordable. Hardly can you find a product in the e-learning environment that has these three benefits.  Some can be efficient but too expensive. Others can be affordable but too complicated and complex for the ordinary user to comprehend their functionalities.  However, our King LMS Joomla eLearning has all these benefits in one package. 

We have four different versions for this product. There is the Lite version, the basic version, the intermediate version, and the professional version.  We want to meet all your needs and we understand that you should have options when it comes to using the features that best fit into your plans. That is why we have introduced these versions to give you options on our products.

The lite version is the free trial version. It doesn’t come with any of our extensions, although there are quiz and exam sections available in this version. It is intended for those who want to try out our product before they make any financial commitment. We want you to make use of what you are buying before you actually pay for it. That way, you will be able to decide whether our product is right for you.

The basic version is the most affordable paid version with some special features. Although it doesn’t come with all the features and components we offer, it contains the most basic features that can help anyone setup a simple learning management portal. The intermediate version of the King LMS Joomla eLearning has more features than the basic and lite versions, including presentation and 18 different question types for students. If you are looking for something more comprehensive and expansive, the professional version provides all you are looking for. It has all our extensions that enable teachers and educators create the perfect e-learning environment for their subjects.   

Kings products have been well researched before they were introduced into the market.  No doubt, our all round reviews and positive feedbacks since its launch is a proof that we actually over-deliver our promise.

Create an outstanding e-learning interface with King Joomla LMS

E-learning has revolutionized the educational sector. More and more people are now gaining access to education and training through the internet.  Those who cannot find their ideal program in their locality are no more held back because of the e-learning environment. In the same way, teachers and subject matter experts are using e-learning to expand their teaching base and spread their knowledge across every corner of the world.  A teacher in a specific field in the United States can have a student in East Asia even though they cannot see themselves in person. The teacher can interact with the student and teach them online as it is being taught in the conventional classroom. The introduction of learning management system has made this whole feat achievable. The King Joomla LMS makes it possible for anyone interested in training or educating people online to take advantage of e-learning benefits and build a profitable portal for themselves.

Lessons are carried out easily, assignments are given, quizzes are taken, tests are administered, exams are also taken, and results/certificates are equally issued to the students with the help of the King Joomla LMS.

Joomla Products have introduced the all encompassing e-learning software that enables teachers, administrators, corporate organizations, and educational institutions set the pace of online learning.

With all its features, a wide range of extensions (components, modules, and plugins), affordability, effectiveness, and easy-to use interface, you can’t possibly ask for more.
The King Products are compatible with the e-learning Joomla Component to ensure a user friendly system.  Whether you are an experienced IT personnel or a novice when it comes to matters of LMS software, the King LMS will not be a problem for you during setup and maintenance. Above all, we have an experienced support team that will stay with you while you install our product.

It is also very affordable compared to other similar products that do not deliver the same level of efficiency as it is with Kings Products.  There are certainly reasons to be optimistic when you are starting out with our product for your e-learning portal. You are rest assured that all you need to create an outstanding e-learning interface are all packed in one product for you. With Kings Products, your e-portal will always function at an optimal level. No wonder it has been hailed by many as the number one learning management system on the internet. 


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