How to develop a standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS

In view of their expanding significance in the course of the most recent century specialized and modern improvement, standards have as of late been getting huge consideration from history specialists and different researchers in a field engineering. A large number of the subjects and lessons distinguished in verifiable and hypothetical investigations of models apply to e-learning standardizations also. Both generally and practically in e-learning, standards could be seen as ways to encode work relations -whether this work is physical or intellectually significant in character: the selection of standard may disentangle a few parts of a framework while making an interest for more labor somewhere else.

standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS



Kings Joomla LMS product was composed starting from the earliest stage to effectively follow trends of the most cutting edge Learning Management Systems (LMS). Courses can be distributed in norms-conformant framework, such as AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Our engineering additionally gives gimmicks to advancement of your test standards.

King Joomla LMS has all the force and adaptability required to make and oversee institutionalized tests like the TOEIC, JLPT or the PMP certificates, thanks to numerous questioner models such as:

Numerous Choices – the client may pick the right reply from a few decisions so as to breeze through the test

Fill-in-the-Blanks – the client taking the test, inquiry, or exam must fill in the clear field with a right reply

Different Answers –the client must pick all the right replies, as there is more than one

Yes or No –the client replies with basic positive or negative replies to these double inquiries

Drop-Down Answers –the client picks replies from a drop-down rundown

Short Answer – the client's response to the inquiry needs to be pertinent and short

Matching – the client needs to match one inquiry segment with an alternate so as to answer effectively

Depending on a product version, different types of test questions and test models can be conducted, but one of the main conditions for a standardized learning system is the ending certificate. For certificate purposes, we strongly recommend you purchase a professional one, because Our Kings Joomla LMS  system has a huge range of reports that are available to administrators:

  • Certification Path Users
  • Certification Path Lessons
  • Certification Path Courses

So you can easily devlop a standardized and trustworthy e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS.

Kings Joomla LMS is the Newest and Best Open Source Joomla LMS

You know that e-Learning is the future of education. The internet has changed the way we do things, and education these days has been particularly influenced by e-learning. More and more educational establishments and organizations have adopted new ways of educating their subjects with their e-learning websites set-up for such purposes. When it comes to e-learning, there are several software that promises more than they actually deliver. But the new Joomla Learning Management System brings you a complete package that aids one-on-one interactive approach to learning. Who says you cannot obtain a circular education in a real environment? With CMS, all the barriers to distant learning have been broken. Moreover, its open source code system means you now have the liberty to edit and modify contents whenever you want.  It is now one of the most widely used CMS in the world. The whole aim of the Joomla CMS is to keep things as simple as possible while creating the most robust features for learners.

There are different versions of the Joomla Learning Management System. This is to ensure that everybody’s needs are met, including the novice and the technically savvy users.  If you are looking for a simple or a comprehensive learning system, there is both simple and professional level learning systems for Kings Joomla. LMS is unarguably the most powerful learning management system for e-learning. With alpha user-points plugging, simple e-mail submissions to tutor, and simplified creation wizard, you have all you need when it comes to creating a perfect e-learning environment.


The package comes with all extensions (including plugging, modules, and components) which are fully incorporated into the LMS. So, you won’t have any issues with compatibility.

Compatibility is also not a problem because it has been designed to work on several Joomla versions. E-learning is increasingly becoming the most favorite option for people who are looking to acquire some education but are hindered by distance or work schedule. With this system, that problem has been easily solved.

It is not necessary to be a showroom expert or a guru to make use of the LMS software, because everything has been done for you. With Joomla Learning Management System, you will avoid all the needless tussles with overcomplicated functions, instructions and menus found in most e-learning software application.  This will only delay you from approaching the business of the day – which is acquiring knowledge.  With Kings LMS, learners and instructors will be able to communicate effectively and the learning environment will have the feel of the real world learning environment.  There are different e-learning portals, but there is none that boast of the simplicity and efficiency you can obtain with Joomla Learning Management System. It brings learners and the teacher together, making learning more fun and interactive.

For those looking for a professional, effective, and fuss-free learning management system that guarantees the best value for money, do not look further than Kings LMS.

Why LMS king been rated best by learning experts.



E-Learning is slowly exploding! LMS king has been awarded highest rating trough out the world, it is getting better and more powerful day by day. It can easily be seen from the voice of the customer “After using Moodle for the past 6 years, I was always looking for a solution inside Joomla, like a component. Finally I found LMS King. The change was fantastic. Forget it about all the complications with Joomdle in order to present courses embedded in Joomla.’ – qmiguel – 27 December 2013
LMS king is still quickest and easiest way to produce a training event and is preferred by many employees. Modern LMS solutions like “LMS king professional” can achieve the learning goal by cutting the cost and risks. It is a modern strategy of improving skills and bringing people to the learning curve. From an enterprise point of view it will be difficult to run a business if employees are not continuously learning. A successful LMS brings good return on investment and benefits all areas of the Organization. With LMS King learning solution you can inspire, educate and certify people on the go.

LMS king solves the pain areas - LMS king inspire employees and cultivate know-how in the organization. Accelerate knowledge transfer among employees and certifies them which help them to take the responsibility for the next level. As per the recent studies in US 75% of the employee development happens on the job, 25% happens trough training and development. This is intuitively a true statistic and can be easily achieved through LMS king. With LMS king you can quickly create course with the help of wizards, it is built with different sets of questions formats, reports, extensions which will help you move ahead.

LMS king is Flexible to Access and wider in reach - LMS king supports the learning on demand feature, now one need not have to be dependent on time zone to access the training. Learners can acquire and exchange knowledge over the LMS trough advanced features like chat rooms, easy file share. LMS king training is not limited to classrooms. You can reach out the number of learners around the world.

LMS King can reduce Dependency - One may miss the session due unavoidable reason, as result learner may loss crucial information on the lesson. But with LMS king learner are no more dependent on time, they can access course ware anywhere any time.

The above points make LMS king best of all Joomla Extensions.


Different ways to make an Effective E-Learning with LMS King Professional


Effective E-Learning Management System (LMS) is the backbone of modern learning system, are now nearly ubiquitous in Higher Education. It can have a positive effect on teaching and learning. E-learning has gained its popularity recently, because you can easily make one E-Learning course and can teach millions with LMS king Professional. To make a successful E-Learning module you need choose robust and reliable LMS solution.elearning

5 ways to achieve effectiveness in courses.

  • Spelling and Grammar Check – To make an effective E-Learning module, you should make sure there is no spelling error in your course. You can check the spelling error with LMS king professional built in text- editor and spelling check engine. Spelling and grammatical error puts bad impression on the learners and you should always look forward have none of them in your module.

  • Easy Course Accessibility – Is one of the important things you should keep in mind while making an E-Learning module is learning on demand, content should be easily accessible for all. It has lot to do with the platform used in delivering the course. Can the course be directly accessed from company server? Will there be any user credentials? Frankly, speaking accessibility is directly proportional to effective learning, for a remote learner more seamless the course content more effective the training programme. Whatever platform you choose should be modern and cross browser compatible, should have option of setting up chat section, forum, quizzes etc.

  • Always use interactive course material – Avoid course content with too much text or videos, at times it turns to be boring and monotonous. Always try to include materials which engage learners with two way communication. Try making learning a fun.

  • Measurement – Once you have started the E-Learning course, it is very important to monitor the programme performance. Is there certain question where majority of the learners are getting wrong answers? If so, they must be edited or remade in such a way that they fill the gap and make that easily understandable.

  • Take a peer review before publishing the content – It is very important to get a peer review because there can be a chance of typo or miss out some important content. Also it will give you confidence in posting the content.


LMS King Professional has built in functions mentioned above to make effective E-Learning course. Add the power of LMS king to your learning solution; buy LMS king professional at $129 instead of $349.




Benefits of Choosing Joomla LMS Kings Basic

Learning Management System is a web-based way to implement and plan certain learning processes. Whether it is needed to help students gain specific knowledge or take tests, or to train your company’s staff, all your problems can be easily solved with Learning Management System, commonly known as LMS. One of the best web-based learning programs is Joomla LMS Kings Basic, which has great features and exceptional options that together make it one of the top LM systems.

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